The Ebook Universe: 2010

The Ebook Universe: 2010 Uncategorized Mike Cane dug up and edited that Ebook Universe infographic we saw last year. Here's what he noticed was missing:

Smashwords, which distributes to iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo (among others!); Amazon Kindle 3; iPod Touch; Barnes & Noble Nook; Kobo Reader (and Borders); iBookstore; Vook; Enhanced Editions; Augen’s The Book; Pandigital Novel; ECTACO jetBook; Aluratek Libre; Cruz Reader; PC software for Barnes & Noble (which has hooked up with HP), Kindle, Kobo, and Sony Reader; iOS software for Nook, Kindle, and Kobo. And Aldiko must go in there too, which is important for Android devices. That’s off the top of my head. Probably other things not surfacing this early in the morning.

Pocketbook, Copia, Onyx,  Hanvon, Jinke, Samsung, Audiovox, Netronix, and Gajah are also missing. And there are a number of open source projects that deserve a mention: calibre, Sigil. And don't forget Goodreads, Wattpad, BookGlutton, as well as the Pocketbook-Netronix merger.

This really should be updated, but it's beyond my graphics abilities. Does anyone want to take a shot at making a new one from scratch? I'll help.

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  1. If these were still the days of MacDraw, I’d easily be able to do a new chart. But MacDraw is dead and all modern tools suck in comparison to what it did, so I can’t. Plus, I have only MSPaint!

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