Authors flee as Dorchester inch close to bankruptcy

I came across the blog of a former Dorchester author yesterday (via SBTB).  His inside view of the impending disaster is very different from the story Dorchester are giving the press. Frankly, the words “circling the drain” come to mind.

Last week he posted about why he was leaving Leisure (a Dorchester imprint):

Which is why it was hard yesterday, after several days of back and forth negotiations, to choose not to continue publishing with them. I mentioned above that my checks always arrived on time and I was always treated fairly. That’s true, but not so much for the last year. I don’t think I’m talking out of school here, because I’ve seen dozens of other Leisure authors saying the same thing in public, including an official reprimand from the RWA. Fact is, over the last year, my checks haven’t been showing up on time. I’m owed a significant amount of money — money that pays for the next six months of bills. That is why, when those checks stopped arriving, you saw me start doing things like offering the Lifetime Subscriptions and writing more comic books. It was a way to keep the lights on while I waited for things to fix themselves. Understand, Leisure wasn’t the only publisher to pay me late. Many others did, as well, on account of the economy. But the late payments from Leisure were significant because they were substantial. I wish I had confidence and faith that I will eventually see that money, but right now, I don’t.

Yesterday he posted that his favorite editor had just been fire:

Now, my sources tell me that Don D’Auria, the editor who created Leisure’s venerable horror line and oversaw the Western and Thriller lines, and editorial director Leah Hultenschmidt have both been let go as part of a staff reduction. Apparently, the entire editorial department is now one person: Chris Keeslar. No word on what this means for the horror line… or indeed, the company itself. But I have some speculations.

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