Sharp to demo their XMDF format e-reader at IFA-Berlin

Sharp to demo their XMDF format e-reader at IFA-Berlin Uncategorized The Inquirer are reporting:

With 5.5-inch and 10.8-inch versions the reader can also play audio and video as well as show words and pictures. The multimedia reader is referred to as an Next Generation XMDF device because it is an advance on the 2001 original XMDF that was sold for Japanese novels and manga comics. Later this year Sharp will launch a digital platform to promote e-book distribution.

Next Generation XMDF is described by Sharp as a "core technology". As well as video, audio pictures and words the next-generation XMDF allows publishers to set the layout of a downloaded magazine automatically. The reader was unveiled in July at a Japanese press conference.

I'm looking forward to the new format, actually. It fills a need that Epub and Kindle formats can't.

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  1. The proliferation of ereaders can only serve to confuse the newly converted ebook reader.

    While innovation is to be lauded, a bit of stability to establish market conceptual acceptance would be good.

  2. There’s not really a problem with all these eReaders, since nobody will see any of them. Outside of people in tech, or reading gadget blogs, who could name anything not made by Sony, Amazon, B&N and MAYBE Kobo? The incompatibility of eBook formats is far more damaging.

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