Inside the BenQ K60

Inside the BenQ K60 e-Reading Hardware The EE Times have just posted an analysis of theBenQ K60, the first ereader with a Sipix screen. The article confirms a number of details we already knew (Wifi b\g, capacitive touchscreen, microSDHC card slot), but they also pointed out a couple details that I didn't know.

First, AUO made the screen controller chip. I expected this, actually; AUO own Sipix and BenQ.

The other interesting detail is that they estimate the hardware cost to be less than $100. It's not quite cheap enough to compete in the US market, but should a price war happen in Europe the K60 should be able to survive.

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Inside the BenQ K60 e-Reading Hardware

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  1. Hi,
    This is not the 1st Reader with a Sipix screen. In Europe you can find some. Sagem (a French manufacturer) is proposing a Reader that is currently being distributed by Telecom Italia and in Germany (and next month in France) with a Sipix screen, with 3G and Wifi, and under 200€.

    • Is the Sagem e-reader actually available? I can’t see that it is.

      BTW, the Sagem e-reader is also going to be sold by Medion.

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