AGK Nordic now carrying 2 e-readers

I just found a pair of interesting ereader on the website for AGK Nordic, a Scandinavian consumer electronics company. I'm pretty sure that both ereaders were originally made by Gajah. There are details about the hardware design and the menu shown on screen that bear a strong resemblance to other Gajah ereaders.

One has a 5" LCD screen with 1GB Flash, a SDHC card slot, speaker, and accelerometer, and broad ebook and video support. You might recognize it; it's also sold in the US as the Delstar Openbook. Here's the specs for the 10467:

  • 5" TFT display,
  • 800 x 480 e-book reader
  • Supports e-Book content in Danish and English
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG, WAV
  • Image: JPEG/BMP
  • Long battery life: 1800mAh polymer battery

The other ereader has a 6" E-ink with a SDHC card slot, similar ebook abilities (but no video for obvious reasons). It also has a accelerometer and a speaker. Here are the sepcs for the 10487:

  • 6" E-INK display
  • Support language in Danish, English.
  • E-book: TXT, PDB, PDF, EBUP, FB2, HTML, WTXT
  • File type music: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC
  • File type image: JPG, BMP
  • Play time: Audio (shut off screen and with earphone) about 20 hrs. Ebook reading over 3000 pages.

I haven't seen this ereader before, but the menu looks an awful lot like one I have seen on a Gajah ereader I reviewed, the BK6001.

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4 Comments on AGK Nordic now carrying 2 e-readers

  1. I feel sorry for some of these European countries that are stuck buying lower-tier devices such as this. Those companies will obviously die, leaving the owners up the creek.

    • Mike, it isn’t that bad. Oh sure. There are devices like this one. But, they don’t dominate. You can order e-readers online from bookstores ( Adlibris, Digitalbok, Ekopromen) and those brands are more established (Bookeen, Pocketbook, Sony and Iriver). In Sweden it is possible to get into a store and buy an e-reader from Bookeen and Iriver.

  2. They look identical to the K5 and K6 made by Teclast…

    But I didn’t realise the one had an accelerometer.

    I picked up a K5, and like it. The K6… I bought one for a friend, and it seemed good, if flawed, but then died… Screen blinking continuously, not even firmware updates helping.

    Potentially good (and quite cheap, here on the mainland), but too cheaply produced and with weak firmware.

    The K5 is pleasantly multi-purpose, though: ebooks, movies (up to 1280×720), and audiobooks, etc.

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