Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks

Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks Reviews I had a poll yesterday about which ereader I should write about next. I had just gotten 2 ereaders, a Jetbook Mini and a Skytex Primer. I've decided to write about the Mini first, but not just because it had the most request.

It came with a copy of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and a copy of America Alone by Mark Steyn. Neither can be bought in a format that the Mini can read. (One thing you should know about the Mini is that the limited format support does not include any DRMed format: only FB2, txt, and html.)

And I didn't get a Mini that belonged to someone at Ectaco. Mine came in a retail box. The included files weren't someone's personal library; they were samples that would have shipped with the Mini.

Update: Ectaco are reporting that the files were loaded by the last person who had the review unit before me. Given that these were the only 2 FB2 files on the Mini is plausible. It doesn't make them look that much better, though. This is something you check when a device comes back in.

While I have the pictures handy, look at the formatting. It's dreadful. I've converted a couple of ebooks from my library to FB2, and they are just as bad. But I'll cover the conversion issue in another post.

Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks Reviews

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  1. OMG! What a hoot! Someone’s head should roll for this one.

  2. Did you read next? These are just the headers… They are formatted with lines. Yes. The body text flows Ok.

  3. A cavemen can do it. My mother-in-law found this mini perfect… 99 bucks and doesn’t make you coffee.
    Take it easy))

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