Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks

Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks Reviews I had a poll yesterday about which ereader I should write about next. I had just gotten 2 ereaders, a Jetbook Mini and a Skytex Primer. I've decided to write about the Mini first, but not just because it had the most request.

It came with a copy of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and a copy of America Alone by Mark Steyn. Neither can be bought in a format that the Mini can read. (One thing you should know about the Mini is that the limited format support does not include any DRMed format: only FB2, txt, and html.)

And I didn't get a Mini that belonged to someone at Ectaco. Mine came in a retail box. The included files weren't someone's personal library; they were samples that would have shipped with the Mini.

Update: Ectaco are reporting that the files were loaded by the last person who had the review unit before me. Given that these were the only 2 FB2 files on the Mini is plausible. It doesn't make them look that much better, though. This is something you check when a device comes back in.

While I have the pictures handy, look at the formatting. It's dreadful. I've converted a couple of ebooks from my library to FB2, and they are just as bad. But I'll cover the conversion issue in another post.

Ectaco shipped the Jetbook Mini with 2 questionable ebooks Reviews

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  1. Mike Cane22 September, 2010

    OMG! What a hoot! Someone’s head should roll for this one.

  2. nick2 November, 2010

    Did you read next? These are just the headers… They are formatted with lines. Yes. The body text flows Ok.

    1. Nate the great2 November, 2010

      But all the formatting is lost.

      1. nick2 November, 2010

        its txt.. or fb2 what did you expect – 3D or something?

        1. Nate the great2 November, 2010

          I expected the formatting usually found in Epub or FB2. The Mini can’t do it.

  3. nick2 November, 2010

    A cavemen can do it. My mother-in-law found this mini perfect… 99 bucks and doesn’t make you coffee.
    Take it easy))


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