More Fail for Blio – accessibility for the visually impaired

Blio was launched yesterday, and I of course wrote a review. One detail I skipped in the review was the lack of promised support for the disabled. I don’t have the background knowledge to cover it adequately, and I was hoping to find a blog somewhere on the web discussing the lack. Well, one commenter found my post, and this is what he wrote:

Blind and vision impaired users were screwed by blio also, we were promised universal accessibility but it doesn’t work with the latest screen readers except for two, and it won’t be fixed for a month.  Also the National Federation of the Blind also supported this.  With limited epub choices for blind users, a pretty big epic fail indeed.

That is actually a bigger Fail that I had thought. If the NFB came out in support of Blio then there must have been a meeting where someone made promises about Blio features. I’m only slightly irked by Blio, but I can only imagine how pissed the NFB must be right now.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Doug30 September, 2010

    NFB isn’t “in support of” Blio, they’re directly involved in Blio. They’re the NFB in K-NFB (Kurzweil being the K).


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