Ehon – ebook viewer/library for OSX

I just came across a new ebook library that’s (unfortunately for me) Mac only. Could someone try it and tell me what you think? I’m curious how it compares to calibre.

You should probably double check that you have hardware that can handle it. It has pretty high requirements.

Here’s the description:

Ehon is a digital comic book and ebook management program for your Mac. Extremely intuitive, Ehon simplifies your digital library management and lets you focus on what really matters, your books. Painlessly import all of your digital comics, manga and ebooks and let Ehon do all the work for you. When it comes to managing a large number of elements, a well thought user interface really matters and Ehon has been specifically thought to make things really easy.


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  1. jane5 October, 2010

    I’m on it!

  2. Jane6 October, 2010

    I tried this out last night and it looks nice and the built in reader is okay (no dual page for the full screen mode and no font changes that I could see – just font increase or decrease) but I don’t see the advantage over Calibre. There is no function that will search out metadata on the web for you so you have to input it all manually. I didn’t see an area where you could add a cover (i.e. for those random house books that come without covers).

    It has a very nice look to it but it doesn’t have the functionality of Calibre.

  3. Pam13 October, 2010

    Include “Date Added” in Smart Folder criteria and list all criteria alphabetically so we can find it quickly.

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