Sony Stiffs eBooks AGAIN!

Sharp And Sony To Exhibit Technologies at CEATEC JAPAN 2010

Sharp is showcasing its new insanely-named Galapagos tablet.

What is Sony bringing? Stringer’s Folly: 3-D crap!

There’s a long list there of what Sony is going to pimp. No mention of the Sony Reader at all — yet the Playstation is on the list!

CEATEC JAPAN 2010 is a trade show of cutting-edge IT and electronics products and will be held from October 5 to 9, 2010 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

So putting a touchscreen over eInk without degrading the display isn’t cutting edge?

How would you feel being in Sony’s Reader division and being neglected like this over and over again?

No wonder that division innovates and moves so damned slowly. It seems to have zero support from that pompous ADD ass, Howard Stringer.

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5 Comments on Sony Stiffs eBooks AGAIN!

  1. “How would you feel being in Sony’s Reader division and being neglected like this over and over again?”

    As yet another sign that Sony is going to get out of ebooks within a year or so. No shock, really. Their business model doesn’t have the legs to endure.

    • I think most people who have watched them since the original Librie are asking, WHAT business model?

      • Well, to give credit where credit is due: for about six months they had the exact same business model as Kindle. Execution needed work but they were on the right track.
        Then they got ePub religion…

    • People have been predicting “Sony will get out of ebooks just like they did with Palm” for several years now. Didn’t happen yet, and I don’t see it happening any time soon.

  2. Just makes me glad I switched from a Sony Reader 505 to a Kindle 3!

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