Introducing – a new way to read Epub in your (Kindle) browser

Introducing - a new way to read Epub in your (Kindle) browser e-Reading Software A few weeks back I posted a video that showed an Epub file being read on the Kindle. I just got an email and that Epub reader is now ready.

It's called, and I love it. It works on your Kindle (it might not work on the K2 or K1), but it also works on just about every modern browser. It reads Epub and Zhook (a form of HTML5) files. BTW, this is the second browser based Epub reader from Inventive Labs, an Australian developer. The first was Monocle, and it was much simpler.

Introducing - a new way to read Epub in your (Kindle) browser e-Reading Software It's great. I like it because it's cross platform (apps are _so_ 2010). But I also like it becuase of the formatting options. has 3 line space options, 5 font sizes, justification, 3 font choices, and it has a night reading mode.

The fact it uses pagination is also a plus. You don't scroll to see more content; instead you turn the page. It's a must have feature, IMO; any app that lacks it is incomplete.

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  1. Hard to see why this makes sense, as Kindlegen does a marvelous job converting epub to mobi, it doesn’t need a web browser, and it’s free.

  2. Well I don’t really understand how to read my ePubs with, seems you can read just their eBooks. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I tried the sample on my notebook; the text came up very pale blue on white–practically invisible. The interface assumed that I had a touchscreen and would not respond to mousing, cursor or pagedown commands.

    The Inventive Labs website has nothing about this app as far as I can see. It’s basically a prospectus for their web design work.

    How does one reach their content from a Kindle?

    • You might want to check your browser settings. I don’t have any problem using it with my mouse, and I don’t see the text as that color.

      But you’re right. This is a demo for their new prospectus.

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