Pandigital’s 9 inch Android tablet has cleared the FCC

Do you recall the black Pandigital Novel I showed you a couple months back? Its big brother just showed up on the FCC website today. And yes, it really has a 9" screen.  There isn't much info in the paperwork, so I had to infer a lot of detail from the photos.  But this tablet really does look like the other black Novel.  They share the SD card slot, stylus, and the cheap junky stand. They also look the same.

Pandigital's 9 inch Android tablet has cleared the FCC e-Reading Hardware

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There's also a manual, but it doesn't have the hardware specs, and internal photos, but they're not detailed enough to tell me what chips this tablet has. But I'd guess (based on the manual) that this tablet will be more open than before. The manual shows a standard Home Screen, and while that isn't an absolute guarantee, it does give me hope.

And it's tied to B&N, of course. But if the tablet is open I really don't give a damn.


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2 Comments on Pandigital’s 9 inch Android tablet has cleared the FCC

  1. Dear god! Where are they getting the funding to spit out all these things? Does someone formerly from B&N own this company? I’d give the Cruz Tablet a better chance than this. At least Borders will be carrying it. Will B&N be carrying its licensed crap? I don’t think so.

  2. how do i get this hunk of junk into recovery mode?!?!?! i have the 7 in

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