New E-ink development platform now available

Crystalfontz has just released  their new development kit, the CFA-910. This $400 kit ships with a 6″ Vizplex screen, 400MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 2 card slots, USB Host, ethernet, along with several switches and LEDs. It runs Linux (of course), and there’s an optional touchscreen component.

Here’s an edge view (note the USB port):

BTW, just in case you’re thinking that $400 is a lot for such a simple kit, I’d like to point out that E-ink sells a similar kit for $3,000 (over 7 times the price).

From the press release:

Crystalfontz America, Inc. just launched their CFA910, an ARM based Single Board Computer (SBC) running Linux integrated with a high resolution 800×600 E Ink Vizplex display.

Now developers and OEMs have an easy to use and inexpensive (compared to other Vizplex dev kits) e-paper platform.

The whole unit is the size of a nice vacation postcard and very thin. It includes Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces, 128MB of DDR2 SDRAM and large capacity SD card storage.

Crystalfontz has also turned the engineer’s task of writing data to the E Ink display into easy lifting, with abstracted drivers and commands that save developers from having to learn the intricacies of the Broadsheet EPD controller language.

It is available with an optional touchscreen and expansion/development board.


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  1. Jaya Kumar6 November, 2010

    Nice article. You may already know this, but it might be worth mentioning, the E-Ink kit is a research kit meaning it has interchangable parts (like the display controller board, the host processor board, the buttons/input board). I think it serves a different kind of market than the CFA910. Both are really exciting.

  2. Andrew Durham9 December, 2010

    OMG. This is not an e-ink reading device with a narrowly focused embedded OS. It is a full on *computer* that happens to have an E-Ink display. It has a USB host. Out of the box, you plug in a keyboard and write with it. Wow. And an ethernet port thrown in to top off the miracle: internet access without hand-burning radiation.

    Finally, someone pulled the switch. Someone did it. Thank you Crystalfontz.

  3. Francesco Frassinelli27 August, 2011

    Would be perfect with a Pearl display.

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