Copia finally abandoned the e-reader market

One detail I left out of my Copia announcement last night was the status of their ereaders. It was a pretty big lapse, and I'm surprised no one noticed.

i didn't mention the ereaders because one, there was only a single mention of a tablet on the Copia website (no release date), and two, I didn't expect the hardware to ever actually be released. It turns out I was right.

Publisher's Weekly followed up on the story and they're reporting that Copia have:

cancelled plans to produce its own line of branded digital readers and instead will partner with a variety of yet-to-be-named OEM partner/manufacturers to deliver the Copia software on their devices.

I'm not surprised. I haven't found anything about these ereader since they were announced back in June. If the work on the ereaders had been going well, Copia would have dropped hints here and there and even allowed the occasional journalist to see one. Since that didn't happen, it was likely that there was nothing to see.

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  1. Mike Cane17 November, 2010

    I noticed they were gone last night. And anyway, what of that device that originally showed up in JC Penney last year then was delayed, then showed up under the Copia label? Does the OEM have it back with other plans to release?

    This one:

    1. Nate the great17 November, 2010

      That one is now being sold in the UK by Elonex. I don’t know of anyone else who sells it.


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