Happy Birthday, Windows CE

Today marks the 14th anniversary of Windows CE 1.0 RTM (released to manufacturer), and I thouht it deserved a comment. That first version, aka Windows Pegasus, was developed for Mips and SH3 CPUs (neither of which are around much anymore). I can't beleive 14 years have passed, and it's still under development (don't worry, they'll get it right one of these days). Look what has happened to Newton, PalmOS, Psion in that time.

I still like WinCE over Android for the simple reason that I can't work on Android; it's still far too  much a phone OS. WinCE has it beat in Office apps, file management, app management, windows, keyboard support, and CPU demand.

via HPC Factor

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  1. Plenty of MIPS chips around, mostly in routers and such. And SuperH is alive and kicking as well, though not in PDAs.

  2. Oh, and PSP uses a MIPS core too.

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