What’s the best free PDF app for Android?

I want to do a survey of free PDF apps for Android. Unfortunately, I don’t know of very many. What’s your favorite, and what’s good?

BTW, there’s one catch. It has to be accessible outside the Android Market. It would also be great if it ran on v1.5.

So far I’ve tried and discarded txtr (it’s crap), and I have found the PDF experience on the black pandigital Novel to be decent. (It has no annotation, but for simple reading it’s okay.) And I know about Adobe Reader for Android, but since I can’t access the Marketplace it’s beyond my reach. Could someone grab me a copy, please?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Logan Kennelly29 November, 2010

    It’s probably a toss-up as to whether Adobe Reader or VuDroid is better (the last Adobe Reader was a major update). Since of those is out, here’s the other:


    I wouldn’t mind passing on a copy of the Adobe .apk if I knew where to send it…

    1. Rob Brown30 November, 2010

      You’re right about Adobe Reader having had an update – I’d missed that. But now, if I look for it with my Android 1.6 device, I can’t see it. How can I find its minimum version requirement?

      1. Nate the great30 November, 2010

        I just checked, and when Adobe released the Reader Android app they said that v2.1 or better was required.

  2. Rob Brown30 November, 2010

    Disclosure: about a month ago I was looking into this same question, but didn’t find what I wanted. So I got involved with DroidReader (http://code.google.com/p/droidreader/) and we’ve been improving it. A new release is due soon, but I can send you a recent build if you’re interested.

    There’s also apv (http://code.google.com/p/apv/) which is based on the same rendering library and has many similarities, but a different flavour.

    Completely contrary to your requirements, but IMHO the best PDF reader on Android (until we get a bit further with DroidReader 🙂 is ezPDF: it’s only available from the market, costs a buck, and requires either 2.0 or 2.1. But it’s really, really nice.

    If you contact me by private e-mail I’ll send you a copy of the Adobe Reader. But I warn you, it’s horrid.

    1. Nate the great30 November, 2010

      Not a problem, Rob. I posted this open question in the hopes that developers would find it.

    2. Naveen16 February, 2011

      Hi Rob,

      I am developing an pdf file manager app for Android tablet for our company and we are looking to integrate an opensource pdf viewer into it. I downloaded droidreader but it is not able to open the pdf files. Is the latest version droidReader of droid reader out. If so can you send me a link to download it. Also, it will be of great help to me if you can suggest which pdfviewer is best for my use. Thank you very much

  3. fjtorres30 November, 2010

    You don’t need to access the Android marketplace from a Tablet to get access to marketplace apps.
    Aside from a clever hack that lets you access it from a PC using the emulator in the SDK, there are plenty of other sources.
    Adobe reader (and other readers) can be found here:

  4. Mike Cane30 November, 2010

    I hope you will doing a comprehensive post about this. I’d like to find a good PDF reader for Android too. Likely use it on either hacked NookColor or just go for an Archos (which is more likely, since its CPU is 1GHz vs NC 800MHz).

  5. vl29 April, 2011

    I use PDF Viewer for Android which is simple and free.

  6. krya5 March, 2012

    Approved App is an Annotation and Stamp Approval app that can be used to annotate pdf and png files. Contains provision to highlight,mark with pen and comment with callout.
    you can also add signature and time to the document.

    Market link :

  7. Lilou30 May, 2012

    qPDF Viewer is a good free PDF viewer for Android. It’s available on Android 2.1 and higher, which means pretty much all Android phones and tablets. There’s also a build for the Blackberry Playbook.

  8. ivan7 November, 2012

    I found the best one pdf reader


    1) Read mode and control mode (single tap to switch)
    2) Fixate pages by width, saved on scroll
    3) Search in books
    4) Table of content
    5) Night Mode
    6) Search ALL books (PDF, DjVu) on device
    7) Next Page or scroll pages by tap screen
    8) Full screen mode
    9) Support e-reader keys like Nook, Kindle, Sony
    10) File navigation
    11) Recent Books
    12) Light and black theme
    13) Screen orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Automatic
    14) Text Bookmarks for page
    15) Links History, back to page

  9. Sydney D'cruz14 September, 2013

    Any good pdf reader/viewer that can print the doc.i have a smart phone.pff reader by ivan has no function or am i missing something?. Heellooo ivan babushka.

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