Why hasn’t Xournal been ported to Android?

There's this one Linux app that I love called Xournal. It is the best tool for taking notes on a PDF that I've found anywhere. With this app you can type note on the PDF, highlight the existing content, and cut &  paste. You can also draw on the PDF in 11 colors and 6 thicknesses.

Why hasn't Xournal been ported to Android? Uncategorized

I want someone to port Xournal to Android (if it hasn't been already). This app on an Android tablet would be the Killer App, and I am not exaggerating. Tablets were invented for what this app can do. This app by itself will make carrying the tablet around worthwhile.

Do you want to know how great this app really is? Tell me if you've heard of the Entourage Edge and its great note taking ability. Guess what? Entourage are using Xournal on the Edge becuase it is simply the best there is.

P.S. If someone can point me at an Android app that already has these abilities, please do. I want to use it.

P.P.S There's also a Windows version, and you can find it on the Xournal project page.

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  1. I agree 100%. I use Xournal on my convertible touchscreen netbook (a Gigabyte M912m). For writing on PDFs I send to clients or taking notes, there is no better app out there. There are similar versions called Jarnal and Gournal, if I remember correctly… Jarnal is written in Java, and some versions even have working character recognition. It wouldn’t be too hard for someone to port it to Android’s Davlik.

    • Would you like to take up the project? I’d get behind a kickstarter campaign to provide some financing.

      • I second this – count me in for the campaign!
        I’ve been looking for an Android note-taking app and have not been able to find anything even remotely close to Xournal. Porting Xournal to Android would be great!

  2. I’m confused. If Xournal is on the Entourage edge, doesn’t it mean it’s already android ready. The edge website says it’s android based. So this port is already been partially done then.

  3. Xournal is a GTK application, isn’t it? Porting a C/C++ GTK application would take quite a bit of effort to port to the Android because Android development is all-Java. It’s hard enough porting a Java-Swing based application to the Android… porting a C/C++ app is essentially a re-write.

  4. Mathieu Cloutier // 10 April, 2013 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    IMO, the best app for handwriting in Android is LectureNotes. Infortunately, tablets in general lacks precision to be able to write in a natural way. Altought much effort as been made to enhance this capacity, I doubt it will be solve until better harware comes around. I wouldn’t want a proprietary pen that comes with the tablet, although a generic-tethered (via Bluetooth) like a Wacom stylus, with a very fine tip, may be the future, unless digitalizer technology is improved rending the use of a tethered pen obsolete. On PC, the most polished apps are Windows Journal , with altough is beautiful and works like a charm, almost prevent you of using it to export/annotate to PDF, which is basically stupid. Xournal can do that, but suffer from stability issues on its window port. Really, there is no need to port it to Android, since you could use LectureNotes, and via Dropbox/ Google Drive, use your notes on PC/tablet painlesssly. At this point, I’ d rather contribute to a Kickstarter campaign for Xournal (since tablet hardware is not up to speed yet) to make sure we cant (finally!) start producing something instead of just using them casually.

  5. I found nothing equal to Xournal. what prevents me from buying a tablet, after a palm life-drive, N800 and N810 (all in use) is the lack of apps really useful. What good is a Ferrari if their wheels are square?

  6. Xournal on a Cintiq Companion Hybrid would be an excellent match to the hardware.

  7. Stylus Labs Writer might be worth a look. http://www.styluslabs.com/

    It runs on Android, Linux, Windows and Mac. Unfortunately it lacks PDF annotation, and support for typed text, but works nicely for taking handwritten notes.

  8. Well, 4 years on, the hardware is here. I mean, of course, the e-ink devices that are coming fast an furious, from Sony, Onyx, reMarkable, Gvido, etc. Many of them are Android-based, and certainly have the hardware (pen and touch) capabilities. Their custom writing/markup software is fine.

    LectureNotes on Android is, indeed, an excellent app.

    The problem is that none of these are os-agnostic, and the only program that is in the running on both Linux and Wind*$e is xournal, and none of the custom apps, or LectureNotes can write/read .xoj files.

    I would like to renew the call for xournal on Android. I will happily pay for an application like that.

    I would also pay for an add-on to LectureNotes that allows it to read/write .xoj files, as the combination of xournal on my desktop and LectureNotes on the tablet would then be able to interoperate transparently.

    Finally, if the LectureNotes proprietary format can be added to xournal with full read/write access, it would also be an acceptable solution. This would mean converting a lot of .xoj files I have accumulated over the years, so it would not be my preferred solution, but would do in a pinch.

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