Overdrive announce e-reader cheat sheet for EVERYONE

Overdrive announce e-reader cheat sheet for EVERYONE Overdrive Overdrive announced another library ereader cheat sheet last week. This one, like the last, shows ereaders that are compatible with Overdrive's ebook library system.  But this one differs from the last in that it was made for the user, not the librarian.

There's a big problem with it becuase it is woefully incomplete. leaving aside the fact that it shows only one of the Pandigital Novels and only 1 of the Literati, it's missing 3 manufacturers.  Pocketbook (6 models), Bookeen (3 models), and Bebook (4 models) aren't listed, and that's just the big guys.

Folks, you can't claim that this is for everyone when you forget to include half the market.


P.S. Here's another ereader cheat sheets I've blogged about in the past.

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  1. No mention of Bluefire Reader? Only app to support Overdrive library books on iPad? I don’t get it.

  2. Probably left those out because the majority of the people in the US are never going to be able to find a Bookeen or Bebook or Pocketbook.

    • You could be right; that could be what they’re thinking.

      The problem with that viewpoint is that Overdrive have almost as many member libraries in other countries as in the US. And yes, the librarians would be able to translate this cheat sheet.

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