EbookBurn launched – new Epub creation service

ebook burn logoOn Sunday we saw the launch of a new ebook making service, EbookBurn. This is a subscription based service that can help you make Epub and Kindle ebooks. Have you made an ebook over at Feedbooks? It’s something like that.

Subscriptions run from $30 (1 day) to $7,200 (1 year).

Update: eBookBurn now charges per title, not  subscription fee.

The service and the whole process itself is actually rather simple. When you log in (and subscribe), you are presented with a simple and easy interface. You enter the basic metadata for a book and then start building the book chapter by chapter. When working in a chapter, the interface looks like your standard word processing window (think Office 2003, not Office 2007).

When you’re done with the chapters, you can then tell EbookBurn to make an ebook. You can make new versions of that ebook so long as your subscription is active, and you can still download the ebook after your subscription expires.

While fiddling with Ebookburn, I threw all sorts of junk into some ebooks. I’m pleased to report that the Epubs pass EpubCheck. That’s an important detail, because you can’t say the same for Feedbooks. I’m still not sold on the cost, but the validation does have some value.

On the other hand, when you factor in the labor involved in using EbookBurn, I think it might be cheaper to hire a part time specialist or invest in desktop software that does the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Sigil would be a good start, and I’m told oXygen is also good.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Denis6 February, 2011

    Hi Nate,

    I just wanted to let you and your audience know that we’ve updated the pricing: http://ebookburn.com/faq.html

    1. pam13 February, 2011

      Hi Denis. I would like to burn a book but not sure whether to buy the software or use a ready-made facility. How are you finding eBookBurn now? I am talking to them but would prefer to have all the details laid out where I can see them, mainly because I don’t know what questions to ask!

  2. pam13 February, 2011

    Could we have the prices in uk money?

  3. Amy Adams24 February, 2011

    We offer ePub creation and conversion sevices for ALL readers including Digital Talking books for vision impaired. Please check us out!

  4. Peter25 May, 2011

    Can you guys handle COMIC BOOKS/Graphic Novels? Most epup conversion services have a hard time with this, especially when it comes to submitting works to APPLE’s iBookstore.

  5. […] know of at least one other, and it’s been running since 2010. eBookBurn has been round since late 2010. It offers much the same service as Red Staple, and eBookBurn can also make Kindle ebooks as well […]

  6. Loretta10 May, 2013

    I would like to try to burn a poetry book, but I don’t know how to add each poem on a new page. Any ideas?


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