Amazon aren’t planning a Kindle tablet

Just a few minutes ago I posted on the new Cruz T301 Android tablet. This tablet had one really interstinf feature: it ships with the Kindle android app. I didn't realize what that meant until after I hit the Publish button.

If Amazon had planned a Kindle tablet then they wouldn't have partnered with Velocity Micro.

One thing that makes this really interesting is that Amazon added the former CEO of Palm to their board of  directors this week. The consensus is that Jon Rubenstein was brought on board to add his development experience to Amazon's tablet project. I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm going to take this one step further: Amazon canceled their tablet becuase they've heard rumors about a smaller iPad. A  7" iPad that costs $250 or $300 would drop the bottom out of the tablet market.

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  1. Until the very end I thought you were full of it. But yeah, an iPad Mini would Change Everything. And I *still* say it’s coming next month. I doubt it’ll be a Retina Display, but let’s see (no pun intended, dammit).

  2. I think this does make some sense. Even if Apple doesn’t make a mini-iPad soon, in the next year or so there will be many, many 7-inch Android Honeycomb tablets, some of which may be comparable to Nook Color. The competition then will probably be relentless.

  3. Your headline should say Amazon isn’t planning a Kindle tablet.

    Don’t you think with the quality of the Kindle that Amazon would want something better than the Cruz to be their official tablet?

  4. Well B&N allowed Pandigital to access their bookstore but still produced the NookColor. Why not the same for Amazon?

    For what its worth my take is that Amazon realized they were missing out. Despite being widely panned it appears from eg Best Buy and Walmart online rankings that Android ‘ereader’ tablets are selling in some quantities this holiday season.

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