Kindle users already forming community lending libraries

by Chris Walters

Kindle users already forming community lending libraries eBookstore There are days when I love the Internet. It’s been less than 24 hours since Amazon rolled out ebook lending, and already there are at least four places online where you can lend and borrow Kindle titles with complete strangers.

I imagine some Kindle owners would balk at public lending, either because they want to reserve their one-time-only loans for friends or because they don’t like the idea of sharing email addresses with strangers. But for those willing to participate, it could provide lots of free reading.

If this sort of thing takes off–and especially if some of the mainstream websites pick up on this in the next couple of news cycles–then I can imagine lots of big publishers will refuse to turn on lending (if they haven’t already). In the end, we may all end up grateful that Amazon is making lending a default feature for most books published through its DTP system.

Enough blather! Here are the sites I’ve found so far. As I discover more, I’ll add them to the post. (You can also keep track of this Mobileread thread for additional updates.) Good luck finding something to read!

KindleLend at Reddit

GalleyCat’s facebook page

Kindle Book Lending Club on facebook


And for the Nook Owners, here are a couple sites where you can exchange NookBooks.

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  1. Check out the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook – for people to request and offer Kindle book loans, discover great new books for free, and share their collection with other book lovers:

  2. Excellent – as a small publisher I had mixed reactions to this but realized that more people reading our books is better than fewer.

    Hurray for the internet and the people who love it.
    Readers who borrow books also buy books. At least to lend you have to buy a copy, unlike pirates – avast me hearties.

    • I don’t see that lending features are that much different than lending out a book or giving it to the library to sell for a bit more profit. I have bought a lot of e-books since last year, when I got my Nook. I have over 100 on there and maybe 10% were free. Plus, I have not yet used my lending capabilities to borrow or lend out. I also have subscribed to 2 magazines that I didn’t get when I didn’t have the Nook. I hope that all authors and publishers will accept this new medium as the way of the future. It’s always been my dream to be able to go online and call any book I want to read up at a moment’s notice. We’re getting close!

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