Android Tablet Makers: You’re Doing Pocket PC Again!

This week CES will finally see that threatened flood of Android tablets.

99% of them will be utter failures, with probably 80% of the ones shown never coming to market at all.

This is so similar to the Pocket PC playbook (no subliminal nod to RIM intended) that it makes me wonder if anyone in the tech world ever paid any attention to that.

I remember remarking to someone at the time that too many damn Pocket PCs were being announced. I was sure that person had done a blog post about it, but multiple search engines have come up with nothing.

So, instead, see this list at Wikipedia of allllll the Pocket PCs that were made or planned to be made: List of Pocket PC Devices.

How many of those do even people paying attention at the time recall? There are many there I’d never heard of until today.

Things reached a crescendo when JVC announced a Pocket PC that would have enhanced video capabilities. After months of delay, it was canceled. Other Pocket PCs began to drop like flies too.

This entire cycle is being repeated with Android tablets now. Except it’s worse. OEMs in China have been speccing out devices that other companies can quickly slap their names on, so we have companies releasing crap device after crap device.

Android itself is not enough to compete against the iPad. Better hardware isn’t even enough to compete against the iPad.

A freakin revolution is needed to compete against the iPad.

The iPad can’t do DivX/XviD AVI video out of the box. An Android tablet should, flawlessly.

The iPad requires people to sync with a cable. To compete against that, get rid of the damned cable. That would be revolutionary.

The iPad can’t share personal items between iPads, such as photos. Making that easy on an Android tablet would be revolutionary.

The iPad has several weak spots, but I’m not giving out free consulting here. It’s up to all of these companies to do their own analysis.

Until they do that, most of them are immediately doomed to failure — just as all of those Pocket PCs were.

The only non-iPad tablet I have hope for is the one based on Palm’s webOS. HP better deliver the goods. They have just the one shot at this.

reposted with permission from Mike Cane’s Xblog

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  1. Oddball5 January, 2011

    I would consider the Pandigital Novel and Velocity Micro Cruz (which you dubbed “crap”) revolutionary devices. A useful tablet for $100-$150 is damn revolutionary in my book.

    Between my girlfriend and I, we have a Novel, a Cruz, and the all-mighty iPad. Yes, the iPad is significantly better than either of the other two, but look at the price difference. The Novel was $140, the Cruz was $120, and the iPad was $800. If you go into it with that consideration, the cheaper devices aren’t that bad.

    A reviewer comparing them to the iPad is like a car reviewer getting upset because a Ford Focus isn’t a Bentley.


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