CES: Ectaco Jetbook K-12

CES: Ectaco Jetbook K-12 Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware

When it comes to ereader industry, Ectaco are something of an outsider. They have a lot of experience with electronic dictionaries and digital translation, but it was only recently that they started integrating their core expertise into their ereader development.

Ectaco brought a pair of new ereaders to CES. The first is the most interesting; you've probably seen the press release for the Jetbook K-12. When Ectaco first started selling the jetbook 2 years ago, this is what they were working towards.

The jetbook K-12 has the same 5" screen as the original Jetbook, but that's the only similarity. This ereader - well, first it's not an ereader. It's an educational tool that can function but also do a lot more. It will ship with a built in graphing calculator app and an interactive Periodic table. It has both a speaker and a microphone, so you can both play and record audio notes. The wand on the right can work with the Jetbook to do OCR which you can then play back as TTS.

CES: Ectaco Jetbook K-12 Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware And that's just a small measure of what it can do. It's due out this quarter and the retail is projected to be $249.

Ectaco had another ereader in their booth, the Jetbook+. This is a significantly improved redesign of the existing Jetbook.  It has the same 5" screen but Ectaco replaced the arrow keys with a swipe pad. It also has Wifi and an accelerometer.

BTW, this is the same hardware as the new Aluratek Libre. The Jetbook+ is due out in a couple months but the retail and exact date has not been set.CES: Ectaco Jetbook K-12 Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware

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  1. Was there any mention of improved software for the Mini? The darn thing would be ideal as a reader for tweens but without better format support…

  2. Jetbook K-12 sounds great for schoolkids. Pity about the price, just way too expensive.

  3. I like jetbook K-12

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