CES: Ectaco Jetbook K-12

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When it comes to ereader industry, Ectaco are something of an outsider. They have a lot of experience with electronic dictionaries and digital translation, but it was only recently that they started integrating their core expertise into their ereader development.

Ectaco brought a pair of new ereaders to CES. The first is the most interesting; you’ve probably seen the press release for the Jetbook K-12. When Ectaco first started selling the jetbook 2 years ago, this is what they were working towards.

The jetbook K-12 has the same 5″ screen as the original Jetbook, but that’s the only similarity. This ereader – well, first it’s not an ereader. It’s an educational tool that can function but also do a lot more. It will ship with a built in graphing calculator app and an interactive Periodic table. It has both a speaker and a microphone, so you can both play and record audio notes. The wand on the right can work with the Jetbook to do OCR which you can then play back as TTS.

ectaCO 3And that’s just a small measure of what it can do. It’s due out this quarter and the retail is projected to be $249.

Ectaco had another ereader in their booth, the Jetbook+. This is a significantly improved redesign of the existing Jetbook.  It has the same 5″ screen but Ectaco replaced the arrow keys with a swipe pad. It also has Wifi and an accelerometer.

BTW, this is the same hardware as the new Aluratek Libre. The Jetbook+ is due out in a couple months but the retail and exact date has not been set.ectaco 1

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  1. fjtorres8 January, 2011

    Was there any mention of improved software for the Mini? The darn thing would be ideal as a reader for tweens but without better format support…

    1. Nate the great8 January, 2011

      I haven’t heard anything new, no. But it is supposed to get an update.

  2. gous8 January, 2011

    Jetbook K-12 sounds great for schoolkids. Pity about the price, just way too expensive.

    1. Nate the great8 January, 2011

      There’s a lot of hardware there (software, too). I don’t think it’s overpriced.

  3. Alex10 January, 2011

    I like jetbook K-12

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