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Editor’s Note: I thought that I published this post in January 2011, but it was listed as a draft when I found it today. It is over  year old but I am posting it anyway.

Hanvon had a bunch of ereaders at CES, but the 2 that you’re dying to see are the new 9.7″ color ereader and the new 9.7″ high resolution ereader. I got my hands on both.

They were both engineering samples and there isn’t a definite release date for either. I know some sites are reporting that the e920 (grayscale) would be out in June but that’s not what I was told.

Also, since they were engineering samples I didn’t try to play with the features much; they’re going to change as the design matures.

I’m not impressed with the color screen and I’m really beginning to wonder if color is worth it. E-ink will always be at a disadvantage; LCDs can do it so much better and faster.

Next we have the new high resolution screen that Hanvon announced a few days ago. I really couldn’t tell the difference between the 6″ (at 167 ppi) and the 9.7″ (at 200 ppi). But, the previous 9.7″ screen had a resolution of 1200×864, which meant it had about 150ppi. The new screen is a 33% increase.

I couldn’t get them to let me move it so I could shoot a video, unfortunately.

hanvon 2

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