Onyx 9.7″ e-reader made an appearance at CES

Onyx 9.7" e-reader made an appearance at CES Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware

Lost amid the hubbub of tablets was this new ereader from a little tech company from China. I've been waiting to see the larger Onyx ereader for well over a year now, and CES was its first public appearance.

In most ways this is a larger clone of the Boox 60. It has an E-ink screen, same Wacom digitizer, SD card slot, Wifi, and it's running similar firmware. One important difference is the black square to the right of the screen. It's an optical mouse.

I was told it's going into production next month and should be on sale in Europe in May. Sorry that there's no video, but Onyx were across the aisle from a speaker manufacturer. It was too loud to even think much less shoot a video.

Update: Charbax visited the Onyx booth and he had better luck than me.

But the new Boox wasn't the only gadget in the Onyx booth. They also just started working on some 7" tablet designs. they come with a variety of buttons, both capacitive and resistive touchscreens, and several different case styles.

Onyx 9.7" e-reader made an appearance at CES Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware

The tablets are based on a 800MHz Telechips CPU and run Android v2.1. Froyo (v2.2).They're specced with an accelerometer, Wifi, and a microSD card slot, and should be available next month.

These tablets are most certainly not crapperjack tablets. Onyx are very good at designing hardware. It may not be cheap but it will be good.

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  1. Will the 9.7″ have a Pearl Screen?

    The Kindle DX is still a bit PDF challenged, so there is an unfilled niche. However, I can’t see any device with a Vizplex (or Sipix) screen selling well at the high end of the market.

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