I scored the best swag at CES 2010

This is a little crass, but I had to show off the stuff I brought home from CES.

One of the reasons to go to CES is the swag. (Come on, who doesn’t like free stuff?) There was a lot of it this year, too. Lots of booths had free thumb drives with press kits, and virtually everyone had pens.

BTW, the single best place for swag was the Pepcom event Wednesday night. There were all sorts of fun little things. Also, anyone who registers as press got a laptop bag. This year the bag was cheaply made (but it was free). This year the second best swag was from a booth in North Hall, where they were giving away foam battle  axes. It might not have been the most valuable piece, but it was the coolest.

I actually got the best swag at CES, by far. I managed to talk the Hanlin people into lending me a V60. It’s their new 6″ ereader with a Sipix screen. You have to admit, an ereader trumps a foam axe.

I also got swag that hardly anyone else could have gotten: a RockChip branded polo shirt. I’ll probably never wear it, but I plan to keep it around just in case I ever need to infiltrate RockChip.

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  1. Rob Brown10 January, 2011

    A pity that you didn’t get two of everything, because you could have played “Foam Axe, E-Reader, Polo Shirt” which is similar to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” but much more geeky. Great fun until some drops the e-reader.

  2. Mike Cane10 January, 2011

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a foam axe before. Or someone so happy to get one. Ha!


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