Does a Kindle make a good prison bribe? No, it does not.

by Chris Walters

The Los Angeles Times reported today that when a prison official returned from holiday vacation last month, she found a new Kindle on her desk. It had been given to her by Fabian Nuñez, former Assembly Speaker for California and father of inmate Esteban Nuñez, who is serving time for murder. The prison official reported it and returned it immediately, and Nuñez Sr. apologized for the bribe gift.

It seems absurd to me that a state politician would be unclear on the ethics of giving and receiving gifts to officials, even if the Kindle was a very popular gift this past Christmas. Of course, what seems even more absurd is the idea of using a sub-$200 ereader for bribe. Clearly an iPad is a more appropriate prison official gift, or at the very least he could have bumped it up to a Nook Color.

Fabian Nuñez gave Kindle to official at prison where son is serving sentence [Los Angeles Times]

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  1. joe12 January, 2011

    oh my gosh, you posted something positive about barnes & noble! (in keeping with the ‘humor’ category)


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