Review: Prestigio PER3152B e-reader

I originally got this ereader from the manufacturer, Gajah. At the time, it wasn’t available. But I’ve now learned that you will soon be able to buy it from Prestigio. I got it from the manufacturer as a surprise and it’s a fairly decent device.

Note: Prestigio will be selling this ereader with a black case, not white and it might not have this firmware. It also might not have all the same software features. BTW, there’s at least two other ereaders from Gajah that shares this firmware. I caught a glimpse of one at CES, and the other is the Elonex 500EB.  It’s basically the same device with some cosmetic differences (better screen, different button layout). The software features are identical.


This ereader  is based on a 5″ (800×480) LCD screen and it has a microSD card slot, accelerometer, and headphone jack (but no Wifi or touchscreen). Format support includes Adobe Epub, PDF, FB2, and txt.

The power button is on the upper edge, and on the lower edge is the USB port, volume buttons, and headphone jack. The page turn buttons are to the right of the screen. Below the screen are 4 buttons and a D-pad.On the left side of the d-pad are the menu and size buttons and the the right are the play/pause and back buttons. Like the 500EB, it charges over USB (so you don’t have to bother carrying the power supply around.)

As you can see, it has a white case. That’s not good. The case is a matte plastic and it picks up dirt and fingerprints quite well. But the d-pad doesn’t have the standard problems shared by most d-pads, fortunately. It’s big enough and spaced well enough for me to use it without mistakenly pressing another button. And the page turn buttons are well placed IMO for reading with one hand.


Like the Elonex 500EB, the BK5002 has music and video players, a photo viewer, and a file manager. They’re all accessible under the menu button on the library screen. I tested the video player with 720p at 30fps and it didn’t drop any frames. The image quality is very good.

The only annotation option is bookmarks. But, you do have some customization options: screen brightness, font size (6), font color (6), background color (6), and screen orientation. It also offers a page jump option and auto page turn option.

I actually have the brightness turned down in these photos; that’s why the screen looks dim.

It doesn’t bother me much, but I have noticed that this ereader doesn’t show all the formatting specified in the CSS. The job it does is very adequate, though.

It does support PDF reflow, which is great. But you will need to remember that if you reflow a PDF with graphs or charts, you’ll lose them. But if you’re going to try to read a 8.5×11 PDF on this 5″ screen, you’ll need to remember that it’s a 5 ” screen.

The library menu has a couple serious shortcomings. First, the font size for all the menus is small and you can’t adjust it. Second, you can’t sort the ebooks by title. Instead the BK5002 mistakenly offers you the file name (but you can see the author, which is weird). This will be a problem for me because a fair number of my ebooks have numbers for file names.


Gajah have been having a run of good luck with their ereader designs, and this is a good one. It has a decent reading experience as well as a certain minimum of media abilities.

But it’s not my favorite. I’ve come to like having page turn buttons on the right edge (like the Elonex 500EB). But I can say that this is a relatively safe purchase.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. pholy16 January, 2011

    Perhaps I’m odd, but I prefer to hold my reader in my left hand, and flip pages with my left thumb. This works fine on the Sony 505, the Bebook One, and the Aluratek Libre. On the Netronix derived readers, I have to reach up with my right hand or hold the reader with both hands; this is why I use my Kobo less that the Bebook. Of course I am left-eye dominant (which _is_ odd), so maybe I like to hold the reader closer to my dominant eye – I’m not sure. I don’t think I would like the Gajah, though.

    1. Nate the great17 January, 2011

      I’m good for reading with either hand.

  2. Sorin14 June, 2011

    I have The Prestigio PER3072B ebook reader, I don’t know about your ebook but my version jumps video frames, it jumps a lot of second from the end of a video. Also it can’t play all video formats listed in the specifications.
    I have addressed this issue to Prestigio back in December 2010 but it seams that they don’t care.
    My advice stay away from this devices.

  3. Nikola16 July, 2011

    Can you please review Prestigio PER5162B? It has 6′ pearl display, and can handle almost all available formats (including adobe DRM, PDF, doc etc). Also I heard that it have the best pdf handling comparing to other readers.

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 July, 2011

      I would need to be able to get one first, and Prestigio seems to be only available in eastern Europe.


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