I got Screwed by Pandigital Customer Service

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post complaining about the customer service that Pandigital didn’t provide for my broken 9″ Pandigital Novel. Several people have asked me for an update, which I’m now going to provide.

I had waited on the post so I could write that the replacement had arrived, and the matter was resolved. But I’m sick and tired of waiting, and the fact that it has taken literally 29 days to get my device repaired has me incredibly pissed off.

Yes, that’s 29 days and I have no idea when or if I will ever get my replacement tablet.

Final Update: This company has folded. It has been handed over to a liquidator to be sold off in order to pay creditors.

The Story So Far

16 January – I first contacted Pandigital through their website, and then sent a follow up email. No response

21 January –  I contacted Pandigital a second time through their website, and sent another follow up email. Again, no response

25 January  – I wrote my previous post on 25 January. I believe that was enough time for them to have responded to either request for service. Just before posting that story, I contacted my pr contact with Pandigital, and explained the problem. She forwarded my email to them.

25 January – I was finally contacted by Pandigital, and they asked for the same information I had already provided, twice. Fine. I gave it to them a third time, and responded to their request in less than an hour.

27 January -I start getting calls from Pandigital, because apparently they never got my email. I forwarded a second copy through my PR contact, and Pandigital were finally able to generate a RMA notice and a prepaid label. I was told over the phone by Derrick (he also sent me the email) that Pandigital would be sending me a replacement immediately, and I should send the broken one back as soon as possible.

Since there was no hurry (as I saw it), I sent the replacement on Monday (phone call was on Thursday). FedEx tracking shows that the package arrived on 3 days later. I contacted Pandigital again by email on 3 February and asked what was happening with the novel device they were supposed to send me.

I did not receive any response from Pandigital. I then reached out twice through my PR contact, and I was told that it would ship last Monday. I still do not have it, so I guess that they lied to her.

Enough is enough.

Do you know the really sad part? This qualifies as their executive customer service. I’m sure they were told who I am and how influential I am. And yet they still couldn’t do their jobs right.

Update: I found out yesterday morning that I was going to finally receive a replacement for the dead Pandigital Novel I complained about Monday. It arrived yesterday afternoon (on Day 30) by FedEx Ground, which is enough by itself to get on my bad side, but that’s a post for another day.

I didn’t post about it yesterday because I wanted to think about whether I would remove or edit this post. I’m leaving it up.

I see this post as a valid account of what the average user would have gone through in trying to get their Novel repaired. The only reason I even managed to make contact with Pandigital was because I had a press contact. If I had used the normal channels I would never have gotten a replacement. Actually, I would have shortly filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but I’m not sure most people would bother.

25 January Pandigital-

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  1. yuzutea14 February, 2011

    True idiocy. I was thinking about getting one for comics and such, but now I will definitely pass.

    1. Ozzfin125 August, 2012

      Now I know why Big Lots are the only one selling Pandigital Novel. With the non existance after sale service they have, no one else wants to sell them. My problem with the Novel, when I tried to download the up grade it would say download was loaded ok. When I tried to install it ,it could not be found. I went in on the web site and waited for a teck, I was told to stay on the line YOU ARE VERY INPORTANT TO US. When the teck tried to down load using the Novel, the same thing happened not once but 3 times. Then he said lets try it from your computer, same thing happened 2 times. He said I would get an email telling me how to send it back and he would see to it I would get a unit that works. Going on 4 weeks from the time it was received. No word when it will be returned. If the trouble had been something I had done like dropping it or getting it wet it would be ok but it is their screw up, unit was not ready to be sold and used. One very dissatified customer so much for being important to them. I think they are back in the days when every thing had to be hand made, then given to some one on horseback to be delivered. Ozzfin12

      1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2012

        You can also find them at Best Buy where they have 2 models on display.

  2. Zigwalski14 February, 2011

    That’s why I wouldn’t get any of the first generation android tablets. They are all crap and made by companies not known for making great hardware. Wait until this year when generation two comes out. It is looking better. Plus, Google even said that these versions of Android are not made for tablets. That is why they have not been supporting them and most of them had to have their own marketplace.

  3. Grneyguy8121 February, 2011

    So because you are influential you think you should get things faster aren’t you special. Why should anybody get overnight service for a device you paid 200 or less most people expect to much out of a ereader .

    1. Nate the great21 February, 2011

      You can focus on that point if you want, but in doing is you ignore the complete lack of communication from Pandigital.

      And I didn’t say I wanted it overnighted; I just don’t like FedEx Ground. UPS Ground would have been fine, and USPS Priority Mail would have been faster and cheaper.

      1. Justin15 January, 2012

        Still waiting for mine to arrive. My reader arrived at Pandigital on the first of December. I keep calling and get the same response. “Christmas is busy, so it will be another 4 to 8 weeks. That is as of yesterday, January 14! Arrggggg!

  4. Chelle H23 February, 2011

    I too had an awful experience with getting a product replacement. I’m still not finished with them as they have lost my case that they told me to return with my device. Of course, they are denying ever telling me to send it in. I have had it with these people!!!!

  5. vi20 March, 2011

    Ugh, I came across this post because I’m looking for help with my Pandigital as well, and I was wondering if everyone had the same problems with their customer service as I do. I installed the new firmware update on my 7inch white model, but at the very last part of the update didn’t work, leaving me with a Novel that was switched over the open Android OS but did not have any of the essential apps installed, for example, the B&N app now needed to use it as an e-reader and the Slide (I think I’m recalling correctly what it was called, but I could be wrong) app that let’s you access the marketplace to download apps. Basically right now my tablet can only access the Internet and view photos.

    Anyway, the point is that I e-mailed Pandigital through their website on March 2nd, sending 3 follow-up e-mails spaced every few days. Then I was finally at home during the customer service hours, but when I called, I got a network busy tone twice and the third time I was immediately put on hold after selecting between Pandigital and Panimage, and it was 10 minutes til their closing time, so I gave up and went to get dinner. I e-mailed again through the site March 12th and a follow up on the 15th. Still nothing…

    It sucks because I actually liked my Novel a lot, I didn’t need anything fancy… I can’t return it because it’s from Toys R Us and I’ve used it, and they don’t even sell it anymore… (They only sell tablets around Christmastime). I just want help fixing it legitimately.

    I tried e-mailing Barnes and Noble to see if they would help me since if it were still working they would have a lot of my business, but they’ve yet to respond either. Blahhhhhh. Perhaps I’ll look into this filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau thing…

    1. D. Dismuke10 March, 2012

      O BOY!!!! so apparently I am in the same boat as everyone else. So since the firm ware update all I can do is internet and photo/music. Therefore I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and I suggest everyone do the Same!!!!!!

    2. michelle3 July, 2013

      Well this gives me no hope! I’m having the same problems!!!! I bought it for my son he has used it less then 15x and now it don’t turn on. I can’t get any numbers to reach them or an email, can anyone give me some help telling these f#%*[email protected]$*!!!!

  6. firepuppy8 April, 2011

    I’ve dealt with pandigital many times and never had problem email me and ask If I would call them and they step by step thru prob. or they called me last 2 times cause I installed something wasn’t supposed to that would viod warrt. so would have to say its person u talk to not company so dont put item down cause of one person who don’t no what he was doing and as far as repair sent mind out took 2 weeks like they said again people u talk to are the one that mess up not company I have 3 novel readers and all run great ty for listen

  7. piwkecita26 April, 2011

    So i was kinda shock to read that a lot of you guys had issues with the cust serv.
    i in the other hand Had a very pleasent respond from them. I have called them 2 times due to the fact that I bought my pandigital at QVC… I was suppouse to get the r70e200 but insead got an older model. The newer model has the 2.0 system and the one I got has the 1.5. Needless to say I could nt do the update…So I called..and if it was not for the Cust. Serv rep I would have not know I got an older model rather than the right model. since then I have return my Black pandigital. got a White one from bed bath n beyond n I have not had any issues.

    I really enjoy the cust serv. if it wasnt for them I would have send my pandigital and waited fro the new blackberry or Motorola. but I stated with pandigital and I do not regared… I love it!

  8. Me too23 May, 2011

    I guess a summary of the above would be “me too”. After upgrading Pandigital Novel White ‘firmware’ it ceased being able to handle my Adobe Digital Editions, i.e. my library books. Although Customer Service at times seemed sympathetic, the point is they always threw up their hands and said, “tough luck”. I trashed the device. No more Pandigital for me.

  9. Mary11 October, 2011

    My Pandigital e-reader didn’t even come with a manual. I went back to the store I purchased it from (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and the clerk said that none of them did.
    I tried contacting the Pandigital tech support only to be told it would charge me $30.00 to answer a question—where can I obtain a manual! What a rip-off.

    1. Ray23 February, 2012

      FYI most of electronics now in days (video games, and tablets like ipads and all) have the user guides loaded in them.

  10. Wesley Kelley1 December, 2011

    I just bought a pandigital photo frame that is suppose to connect to 3G network. I took it out of box to set up and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried calling them and there is never an answer. I’ve emailed repeatedly. Anyone k ow how to get in touch with them!!!

  11. Shannon20 December, 2011

    I have been trying to get a defective pandigital digital frame replaced for 3 weeks now. I have filled out the customer service request form four times. I did stay on the line one day for about 45 minutes and finally got to talk to someone. He told me to send my proof of purchase to his e-mail address and we would continue from there. I did that. He called back within 30 minutes and said he received my proof of purchase and I would get an e-mail telling me how to go about getting my product replaced. I never received an email. I used the contact form again and told them what had happened about not getting an email and they told me I needed to send proof of purchse (AGAIN???!!) so I faxed it to them again – that was a week ago. I still have not heard from them. My product is still within the 1 year manufacturers warranty, with only a couple more days before it runs out. I am unnerved by this company. I don’t have time to sit on the phone all day waiting for someone to answer the phone ‘in the order in which is was received’. I think I’m just going to fax it to them daily and see what happens. SO ANNOYING! The product actually started going bad in July, but I just found the sales receipt as I was going through my old receipts.

  12. daniel26 December, 2011

    i received the pandigital supernova as a christmas gift but for the past two days their website wont even load. guess noone thought to up the bandwidth for xmas. the device firmware uploader does not work and only sorta works before failing at 4am. the included book has no phone number only a link to the website, which as you know by now is down. i thought “ohh well thats what you get for $75” until I was told that it, in fact, had cost $225. though a gift I doubt I will allow this to happen and thanks to your blog I am reassured in thinking the best option to return the damn thing.

  13. Tony13 February, 2012

    I purchased a Pandigital Novel 7″ eReader on 10/30/2011. It up and died in late January. I contacted Pandigital customer support and (to keep it short) they agreed to replace it. The first thing that ticked me off was that they wanted me to ship it to them at my expense. Say what? I’ve never heard of such a thing and I have been purchasing computers, electronics, etc. for over 30 years. Most companies will send you a pre-paid shipping label or send you the replacement with a pre-paid shipping label in there for you. I fought with them for a week and finally gave up and shipped it to them. They received it on Monday, January 30th 2011. I never received any confirmation for them that entire week. So I called the following Monday: they had no record of it. Asked to speak to a supervisor: was told one would call me back in 3 business days! (Say what?) Two weeks went by without a call back. I continued to call every day and finally, on Feb. 8th!, I got to speak to a supervisor named Kathy. She was very nice and apologized. She followed up for me and they entered my unit in the system on Feb. 10th! (Notice the timetable here). I spoke to Kathy again on Monday, Feb. 13th and she said I would receive my replacement unit in 3-6 WEEKS!!! (Say what?) I said, “I’ve already waited that long; I should be getting the replacement next week”. She said there was nothing she could do and that I should call back in 3 WEEKS!

    Never in my life as a customer have I been treated like this! And I’ve dealt with some pretty bad companies. Needless to say, I will never purchase another Pandigital product and I will never recommend them to anyone (at least anyone that I like).

    1. george iski30 March, 2012

      Same-o – Same-o !

      Pandigital “Customer Service (?) has been giving me fairy tale stories about resolving my problems with their PLANET” model. I first bought a “NOVA” which didn’t work correctly, then replaced it with the “PLANET”, which I was told would resolve my issues.
      This was in May of 2011, and I’m still doing battle with them. They sound so nice on the phone, then WHAM – nothing happens. call back again and the same routine over again.

      There’s gotta be another way ! I refuse to give up now, just on principal.

  14. evjones28 April, 2012

    i got a 7″ pandigital ereader for xmas. the screen broke and they told me i was approved
    for a replacement. had to send the broken one back to them first. cost me $21 to send it and
    they recvd it feb 21. it is now aprl 28. have called several times. now they say they are out of the product. give me a break. they do not intend to send me another one and i wasted
    $21 sending the broken one back. i will never buy anything else from them and have told everyone i know not to. they are such liars.

  15. Lady Mcneil30 April, 2012

    Bought my mom pandigital 7″ e-reader for Christmas last year. She dropped it and the screen cracked. We called around for 2 months to get the reader fixed or replaced. They told us to send them the reader, we did and they told us that they could not fix it. We wanted to replace it… we got the old run around! My advice is to “Run” from anything made by Pandigital! The worst customer service that I have ever encountered!!!!!

  16. Tameika12 July, 2012

    I purchased 2 tablets and guess what none of them work and its not even 6 month and they wont replace them bevause they cant verify by serial number that I purchased the devices less thsn a year ago 450.00 wasted ..Will never purchase fron Pandigital or QVC again

  17. Tom24 September, 2012

    I purchased two pandigital 7″ ereaders from 1saleaday.com, one for a birthday present and one for myself. The one for me had a cracked screen so i sent it back to 1saleaday for a refund, the other was saved for a present. I gave for present and it worked one day before it died. By now it has been too long to send back for refund. So i call pandigital and was given a RMA# I sent at my cost. I was told three to four weeks. I called after four weeks, customer service was nice but said there was a problem with warehouse and it would be another two weeks. After four more weeks of waiting I call again, today, I am told there are availability issues. {It’s been two months today when they say it entered there system, nine and a half weeks since I sent it back} I’m told that they are changing warehouses and will be at least two weeks before I can even file a complaint with the corporate office. Customer service reps were nice and felt for me, even the supervisor. I told her a good company would send me the next best thing if they are out of what i sent back. She said nothing is going out for two weeks. Not this outfit. I will never buy anything pandigital ever again.

    1. Richard9 October, 2012

      TOM, this sounds like my problem. I had a problem with my SuperNova and sent it in for repair or replacement, they received it Aug.27, 2012. The email I received with the RMA said I had 7 days to return it and they had 3 weeks to send it back or replace, Ha!. I made the 7 days and they have not. Called Sept. 19, 2012 they were out of product would have a new supply by end of mo. Called Oct. 5, 2012 this time the wharehouse was moving and give the 1,2,3 weeks who knows how long. At this point I am sure I got ripped off. This was a refurbished unit but that should not make a difference. (what really bothers me is that I bought it through Newegg and have always had good results with their products, I guess this was bound to happen).

  18. Jocelyn15 October, 2012

    Back in June of this year, I ordered a Pandigital Tablet/E-reader from Walmart.com.

    In August I reported having some issues with downloading pretty much anything to the tablet.

    I called and talked with support, they determined the item was defective and I needed a replacement. So, I sent the item back (at my expense). You received it on 8/23.

    To this day, I have not been given any answer on when (or if) I will be receiving a new tablet.

    I am an account manager with a manufacturing company. Our replacement parts are shipped within 2 days and units (very large commercial fans) are shipped within 2 weeks. I have no idea how a little tablet can be taking 7 weeks.

    I called to check the status last week (because nobody at Pandigital cares to update their customers). I was told that the warehouse had been moving and this was delaying my shipping. They couldn’t tell me when I could expect it. I then asked about the warranty – I was told that it would have the original tablet’s warranty. Therefore, I am out at least 2 months of warranty without any product.

    This is totally ridiculous. If I treated my customer in this manner, or made them wait 2 months for a small replacement, I would be out of a job because we would be out of business.

    I expect that within one week, I will have my replacement tablet. Between my children and I, we have more than 600 friends on Facebook and Twitter. I am not opposed to posting about the horrible customer service and the delays I am experiencing.

    I STILL DON”T HVAE MY REPLACEMENT – it’s 10/15/12.

  19. Bettie19 October, 2012

    I have the same problem as Jocelyn, the same time time frame and the same responses. I have been dealing with them since 8-16-12 and as of this date 10-19-12 I have not received my replacement.

  20. Gina16 November, 2012

    Been waiting for more than 60 days for my promised replacement. Because of the backlog they are being sent without tracking numbers so there is no way to know if the replacement was lost in transit. These people need to be stopped!!!!!!!

  21. Cocoy18 November, 2012

    I bought 2 Pandigital Multimedia Novel R90A200 9″ 2GB Android OS Black from walmart.com as a gift for my 2 boys (June 29). Initially, they were happy with the product but after 5 days, one of the tablets hanged. After informing them (per instruction, it cannot be returned to walmart) thru emails and calls, they finally informed us how to send it back , August 20. While this is going on (waiting and resending of docs), the other tablet broke down. This time, the problem is the receipt. They didn’t have a problem with the 1st receipt, but it took them to understand that it’s the same receipt since i bought 2 and i still haven’t received the 1st replacement. After more than a month of waiting for the 1st replacement, we were sent a Pandigital Supernova 8″ media tablet (WOW!). My other son was excited to see his replacement and hoping that it would be the same tablet. After more than 6 weeks (read it right 6 weeks) of waiting and following-up, they sent us the same tablet (supernova). The problem is that after it was charged, it opened and froze. Nothing moved! We contacted them (emails and calls) November 7. The system said that we will receive a personalized response in 24-48 hrs but there was none. So we called them, and we were informed that THEY ARE CLOSING THE BUSINESS! WE ARE SCREWED!

    1. chris20 November, 2012

      Hi there this seems to ring true since i tried to contact within the Uk and all i get is that we are happy to take your call please hold all our operators are busy phoned at different times within the uk with the same response cannot even get through to anyone

  22. Lori21 November, 2012

    I just called Pandigital because my 9″ froze and won’t charge. The service center informed me that the company has liquidated and they will not send replacements or a battery or charger. He said he could not help me. Anyone have information what would be the next best and affordable e-reader.

  23. Adina24 November, 2012

    I bought 2 pandigital 7 inch novels and 2 6 inch e readers. THEY ALL SUCK. one of the 7 inch novels will not even turn on I bought them on October 4th of this year. I can not get a hold of anyone the emails they left on the booklet do not work and neither does the website. ANY INSIGHT on how to get this one broken one fixed or replaced I dont know what happened it just stopped working today.
    Please email me at [email protected]yahoo.com

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 November, 2012

      The company is dead.

      1. Adina24 November, 2012

        So we are just out of the money? Man all of these suck~

        1. Nate Hoffelder24 November, 2012

          Yes, sorry.

  24. Patricia Landress27 November, 2012

    I am so sick of these people,I have talked to people regarding the tablet that I paid a 100.00 dollars for they received my tablet back on August the 17th and said it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I received my new tablet nack,I talked to someone 4 or 5 times a week,they fept saying it would be shipped out and I would get a tracking number,I have not heard anything except that it hasnt shipped,what are we supposed to do just give them a hundred dollars? I AM SICK OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Zumya Marshall28 November, 2012

    I advice others to NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM PANDIGITAL!!! They have the worst possible customer service. I sent my unit for replacement after several reported issues and the pandigital warehouse conveniently could not find it ! As a result , I have no tablet and have lost the money I overpaid for the unit. I believe they received the unit and didn’t want to lose money replacing it.

  26. Jordan30 November, 2012

    I bought a pandigital planet from kohls. It would not install downloads, and constantly closed out of apps and browser. I was wondering why i couldnt get the pandigital support page to load. BUT…there is someone who made a rom you can install. Google OpenPDP by scio or something like that. Fixed my planet, and now i even have the google play market.

  27. Gagoo7 December, 2012

    They have sold the name PANDIGITAL and are not honoring any service/downloads or warranty. I have been waiting 3 months for a replacement Digital Picture Frame. You can send a Claim Form that I got e-mailed to me from a very nice young man on their phone customer service line but I think there is a cold chance in hell I will get my money back. Everyone needs to post on their Social Media not to but anything PANDIGITAL and if they have bought for x-mas gifts, to take or send them back because there is no support whatever for any of their products. LOL Buyer Beware..

  28. Patricia Landress8 December, 2012

    still havent seen my tablet so just giving up after 4 months

  29. Carissa Pinkard26 December, 2012

    I too have had the same problem. We sent our defective device back Oct 31st, UPS confirmed delivery Nov 7th…but to personal residence!! Pandigital said it wasn’t received to warehouse until Nov. 13th!! Have been arguing with them ever since. We were suppose to receive replacement within 3 business weeks. Then told they were backed up and 4=6 weeks. I have repeatedly called and asked for supervisors. They said they don’t have any, or they are busy and no one can help me at this point so they won’t transfer me to anyone. I asked for supervisor of warehouse because they claim it is sitting in warehouse somewhere in Nevada??? waiting to be shipped! I have never worked with a company that doesn’t have supervisors!!! Come on!!! I contacted the Nebraska attorney general since that is where they say customer service is located. They advised me to go online and file a complaint! I STRONGLY URGE ALL OF YOU TO DO THE SAME!! Something needs to happen! We requested our money back to purchase a different tablet since I don’t believe a replacement is ever going to come. And if the attorney general had them send us one, I don’t believe it will work properly or long enough and I do not EVER want to deal with the company again!!!

  30. Sean3 January, 2013

    They have had my defective Supernova since Nov. 8 2012….still waiting for a replacement…Have called about once a week since the beginning of Dec. 2012…I just got off the phone with one of the service people, he said he has good & bad news…good news is that the company has 2200 units that will be going through quality checks and that they will be shipping within 2-3 weeks(yeah, right!)….the bad news is that he has no way of knowing how many people are waiting for a replacement and that if I don’t receive one within a month, then I am out of luck!!…I said to him then can they just send my unit back….he said no because it was sent to the manufacturer and most likely disassembled…I asked how about a refund if I do not receive a replacement(since they do have a copy of my receipt)…he said no because the manufacturer is out of business…so I guess we all can just sit back and HOPE we will get our replacements!!…I know I am not holding my breathe!!…and I suggest everyone else not bother to either. I AM SO PISSED!!!

  31. Lori10 January, 2013

    I have put a complaint in to the BBB for EMS…these are the people who are taking your tablets with no intent to return them nor return your money. If I do not get resolution from this I will be attemping a class action suite and my contact all of you to see if your interested in joining in. I to am going to take this to the press if I dont get satisfaction from the BBB….If you want to place a complaint please feel free to contact me and I will tell you how. To me this is nothing less than straight fraud, mis representation and to say the least unethical… Once I realized what was going on, I went one step further, now knowing Pandigital was out of business…and made a phony phone call acting like I had a broken tablet and to my dismay……I was advised to send it back with proof of purchase….on January 3, 2013….this confirmed everything and I now will be moving forward. Please feel free to email me with your story…I will only help you maybe recover the costs you are out. I will go through the BBB but only if I get satisfaction. If not then game on.

    1. Steve15 January, 2013

      all I wanted from Pandigital was an answer why there has been no firmware updates in over a year……….guess I know why now!! I called QVC and they said call Sunglow in California. I called and got no answer from a human being but did get a recording that says they are not servicing any Pandigital devices except scanners. Really weird!! There is only one phone number to this company and got to speak to no one!!

    2. melanie8 February, 2013

      Hi Lori;
      Dido, the same BS happened to me regarding my Pandigital Tablet sent to them in early Dec. I am now out of pocket the original purchase price of $119.00 + tax and the $12.00 cost of shipping to send it back to them for warranty replacement. The last email I sent them was Jan.30th/13 requesting my original tablet back if they couldn’t send me a replacement as promised, as it was my own personal property, as per proof of purchase sent to them with my tablet. No reply to date…

    3. Shaun11 September, 2013

      I’m all in and frustrated. I had two ereaders.

  32. cathy wolf16 January, 2013

    well people looks liked i got screwed on a 7″ tablet to that is useless cant get any apps all say DEVICE DOES NOT SUPPORT an cant get anyone to contact me with help the keyboard an case they sold me doesnt even work with this tablet BBB HERE I COME !

  33. James Schaefer17 January, 2013

    Now I see why I am not getting any response back from Pandigital. My tablet just stopped turning on, it shows its charging, but have no power up to it. I guess I need to stop holding my breath for the RMA # from them.

  34. meredith harrison24 January, 2013

    well I am just another sucker in this story. Had my Novel 7 for one week. returned because it wouldn’t let me download books on to it. They received it on Oct 8, 2012. have gotten nothing but lies from them for the last 3 1/2 months. Their little story of having 2200 tablets going out in two weeks with 2600 people “on their list” is just another lie. It really pisses me off that they let people continue sending units back in when they new they would never fix or replace.

  35. Pan is a scam6 February, 2013

    Sunglow.net ….. Bought out pandigital and i was told they are going to be replacing tablets …. hope this info helps anyone out there as pissed off as i am !!!

  36. Carmen14 March, 2013

    I have had the same problem with my daughter’s ereader since October. They never confirmed that they recieved it until i told them my confirmation number and all of a sudden they recieved it. Said someone would contact me and never did. I have called and called and nothing. Noew they are saying that they already sent out all the ereaders they had and to consider it as a loss!!! Is there anything else that can be done, i have run out of ideas.

  37. ARNOLD21 March, 2013

    I have purchased a new 7″ pandigital multimedial novel from a company in N.Y. B&H. They have wonderful customer service. I have owned a Pandigital Reader for a number of years and it was having difficulty turning off and on, dso I ordered a new one. I have really enjoyed the reader but am having difficulty getting books with this new one. I can access Barnes&Noble and buy the books but when I try to load them into my library to read, I am instructed to input my full name and credit card number and when done I am told the information is not correct. Even though that information was just used to purchase the book. Does anyone have a solution? B&N does not seem to have a solution,.

  38. Jo27 March, 2013

    I am another sucker that purchased the Pandigital Supernova DLX. My purchase came from QVC, second time I purchased a product that them that the company either went belly-up or stopped making the product. My tablet is now a year old and the problem I am having is that I cannot search the web unless I type in the complete web address. If I try and do a firmware update it says I have no internet connection. Not the case. Is anyone else having these problems? So where do we go from here? QVC won’t stand behind the product.

  39. felecia R. Gibbs5 April, 2013

    why do they have a website & customer support to e-mail to ,when they are no longer in business & also how in the world you can get updates that do not work or resolve issues if you have a website & you’r e not in business & also where is the founder of the business anyway? Well i have pandigital novel 7 black model R70E200 & it turns on & downloads books but when you touch to move or touch an app ,it will not respond to touch at all .

  40. G Mayes20 May, 2013

    We have a pandigital nova, found out today they went out of business, would anyone know we have no problems but want to get on Words with Friends, now when we do it says need to rotate your screen to pandigital, we cannot do anything now with Words with Friends, we can get on Facebook. Would anyone know how we can fix this

  41. Shaun11 September, 2013

    I too got scammed. Wish i read all of these post. I sent my in dec. 2012 when the company knew dog on well it was in liquidation and being sold to sun products and i spent money to ship it fedex. I had two ereader supernova 8″ i purchase thru QVC. They never offered any help. I am out of $500. Sun told me to fild a claim and proof of purchase i faxed it and to get a letter a couple of months i am not getting anything back and so many words quit bothering them. Pandigital did act like they didnt know where it was shipped and claim number and then they had two claims under the same number it was horrible the calling and back and forth. You can’t sent your product back without an address and i only could receive it from them thru an email! Product was not good. Freezing all the time slow down loads, no power at all after the first use on one tablet. UGH! This economy who has $500 to waste??? 🙁

  42. Deb Y24 December, 2013

    Wow…me to people!!! Anyone know or is a probono lawyer that can help.


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