Tell Publishers Why You Didn’t Buy A Book

Lost Book Sales: Every day an author and a publisher lose a sale. These are the stories why.

I mentioned this site before. Things have since changed for the worse for readers. Random House has adopted the price-fixing anti-competitive Agency Model.

For example, overnight The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo went from about US$5.00 to US$7!

For no damn good reason.

It could have been Agency Priced at what it was. But no. Random House wants to squeeze some more money out of people.

That’s a lost sale to me.

I can wait until the price drops. Maybe that will happen when Random House declares bankruptcy from other such lost sales.

reposted with permission from Mike Cane’s Xblog


  1. Perry2 March, 2011

    For me it’s not so much the price – I seem to find good reads between $5 and $10 so it’s okay – it’s the fact that they aren’t available in ebook format.

  2. Nick2 March, 2011

    The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo now costs $7.99 on I bought it months ago for $5.21. I still would have paid the new price, however.


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