Tell Publishers Why You Didn’t Buy A Book

Tell Publishers Why You Didn’t Buy A Book Editorials Lost Book Sales: Every day an author and a publisher lose a sale. These are the stories why.

I mentioned this site before. Things have since changed for the worse for readers. Random House has adopted the price-fixing anti-competitive Agency Model.

For example, overnight The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo went from about US$5.00 to US$7!

For no damn good reason.

It could have been Agency Priced at what it was. But no. Random House wants to squeeze some more money out of people.

That’s a lost sale to me.

I can wait until the price drops. Maybe that will happen when Random House declares bankruptcy from other such lost sales.

reposted with permission from Mike Cane's Xblog

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  1. For me it’s not so much the price – I seem to find good reads between $5 and $10 so it’s okay – it’s the fact that they aren’t available in ebook format.

  2. The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo now costs $7.99 on I bought it months ago for $5.21. I still would have paid the new price, however.

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