– Still Pirates, but Now Also Fibbers

3752143560_7fb8c27ce5_b[1]Back in October I wrote a post about a website that was charging a monthly subscription for access to a vast library of pirated ebooks. That site was I’m writing a follow up post today to tell you that  not only are they still pirates, they also like to tell whoppers.

Shortly after I wrote that post I got an email from the pirates. They tried to convince me that they had reformed. The email claimed that the piracy was all on the part of one forum admin, and that the rest of the team had fired the admin and had gone straight.

This is not true.

A few days ago started trying to get a thread over on MobileRead deleted – a thread which discussed their piracy. They made the usual claims about having cleaned up their act, and they started bugging the MR staff to delete the thread.

MR has a policy against removing content, so it wasn’t going to happen. But I soft deleted my post on this blog. I really thought they had changed.

Unfortunately for them, someone pointed me at their new pirate site, and I learned that both sites accept money through the same Paypal account. offers tech support and other services, and collects a monthly membership fee.

Payments for both sites go to the same company on Paypal, Starbreeze Media. Oh, and back in October I also paid this same company for a 1 month membership fee.


That was their one chance to prove they’d gone straight. Now that I know they will say anything to protect their crimes, I know better than to ever believe anything they say.

P.S. Some might wonder why I single this pirate site out, given that I am otherwise ambivalent to piracy. The answer is simple. This is a large-scale commercial pirate website.  Money spent here isn’t going to creators, which puts this site in a special category (apart from everyone who just gives it away).

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  1. elmonica6 March, 2011

    “(apart from everyone who just gives it away)”

    So if they ran a website which hosted torrent files for copyrighted books, making lots of money off of advertising, I take it you wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    It is also possible to tie the GoodEreader websites together via this affiliated website, in their “outside links” section :

    1. Nate the great6 March, 2011

      Good point.

      I have most adverts blocked, so it didn’t occur to me to think about them.

    2. elmonica6 March, 2011

      Well that didn’t take long. took down the link they had to

    3. Format C:7 March, 2011

      Indirect money is another thing.
      There are serial killers who make money from their crimes giving interviews in Talk Shows, or having movies made after their acts.

      It’s the same here: the money a robber makes from the bank he steals from is bad money. The dollars he makes writing his memories is pure as water.
      So goes for pirates: the bad ones make money directly from their illicit activity. The smart ones work for free and make money from lecit sources.

      1. elmonica7 March, 2011

        Sorry but criminals often have have civil judgements against them that requires them to turn over book profits to their victims. Just ask O.J.

  2. Even Worse than Piracy6 March, 2011

    The fact that they pirate ebooks is only half the story. Have you ever checked out their “partner” ebook reader store? They sell ereaders and tablets for way above MSRP to unsuspecting people that don’t know any better.

    They sell the Kindle WiFi for $189–$50 above, plus shipping, which is free if you order from Amazon. They’re selling the 9″ Pandigital for $299 when you can get it for $199 elsewhere.

    That site is such a rip-off. I feel sorry for all the people who are new to ereaders and don’t know these aren’t the real prices.

    1. Andrys6 March, 2011

      The site is already indication of seriously illegal activity, but this particular comment on the $189 price for WiFi-only doesn’t mention they include a DVD of video- tutorials for the added $50.

      I’ve seen a couple of the tutorials at youtube and wouldn’t recommend that combo myself but am just adding some info here.

  3. ms6 March, 2011

    I’m confused. I’ve been to that site and I’ve never seen a subscription service at all. It’s a blog / podcast site from what I can see.

    1. Nate the great6 March, 2011

      Click on the services tab.

  4. Jason6 March, 2011

    I do not see anything you talk about either there is no info on services about it, are you sure you got your facts straight? It sounds like you are just hating on a rival e-reader site.

    1. Nate the great6 March, 2011

      Now that’s interesting; they took the paypal button down.

      But it doesn’t change the fact that their about page mentions Starbreeze Media, or that both sites also have the same Google Adsense account.

  5. Tyler6 March, 2011

    It would be nice if you had the same policy as Mobile Read about removing content since I have seen you remove comments before.

    It has been awhile since I had looked at anything on Good E Reader except for their Blog posts and watch an occasional video. That can be very annoying since Markus has such a nasally voice to listen to and he emphasis with a high pitch at the end of his sentences.

    I know before most of their forums were locked and you had to be a paying member to access them. I am guessing that is where the pirated goods were. Since I don’t pirate or condone pirating, I never would pay for their stuff.

  6. Jason7 March, 2011

    Sounds like someone spends allot of time investigating rival sites to try and discredit them. I use the site allot and find their blog stuff compelling. I keep trying to look at the things you mention and they are not there.

    1. Nate the great7 March, 2011


      I just checked on your IP address, and you are using the same on as the last person to anonymously defend this pirate site. I’m not at all surprised to see that you are located in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

      Burnaby is a suburb of Vancouver, where Starbreeze Media is located. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Walt7 April, 2011

    For a new ebook subscription site check out, unlike this other site, we’re actually working with publishers for ebook content. We’re working with several large publishers and well be launching in a few months.


  8. […] might have noticed that the pirates at posted an implausible story yesterday where they claimed that Amazon might soon offer Epub for the […]

  9. Frank29 October, 2013

    Just to follow up on these pirates, they also own and operate a satellite tv piracy website called goodfta… I dont want to link to it but if you google it… The 2 involved in the piracy are Peter Carotenuto and Mike Kozlowski. You can also see that they try to hide from their credit card processor by processing payments through another website called jasonbookclub. These guys are crooks, cheats and scammers!

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 October, 2013

      JasonBooKClub looks like a pirate site. It’s a pity we can’t prove a connection.

      1. Frank29 October, 2013

        If you click on subscribe from their goodfta site it redirects you to another page to sign upto satellite piracy codes on jasonbookclub… direct connection. jasonbookclub (dot) com/good.html selling satellite piracy codes.
        Also, the youtube video from their goodfta blog (just click blog from goodfta) and there is a youtube video with these 2 jokers talking on it. If you listen to their videos from goodereader its the same 2 people.

  10. Frank29 October, 2013

    Just goto the blog on that goodfta site and play the youtube video they have and listen to any of their youtube videos on goodereader. Easy to hear these are the exact same 2 pirates still in the piracy business.


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