Google now sending out some nifty bookmarks

Google now sending out some nifty bookmarks eBookstore Google are running what I assume has to be some kind of viral ad campaign (it worked). @cdcasey just got these bookmarks from them last night.

There are 4 of them, and what's most interesting is what they don't say. 3 reference a tablet, laptop, and smartphone, but there's no mention of an ereader. I think that was deliberate on the part of Google. They don't make an ereader, so I think they'd prefer to pretend they don't exist. (Technically, they don't make a laptop, either, but they are using Chrome to move into that niche.)

There's a larger version after the break.

P.S. If you received a set and don't want them, please let me know. I think they're nifty.

Google now sending out some nifty bookmarks eBookstore

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  1. it s nice, how can i get them?

  2. I got mine the other day, and noticed they didn’t reference an eReader. I think it goes beyond that they don’t make one. The whole Google “read in the cloud” idea requires web access, and although Google books does allow downloading, putting a Google book onto your Nook or Sony ereader is not easy; you don’t just download a file & sideload it, you have to use Adobe Digital Editions or Reader software because of the DRM. I don’t know if they made it cumbersome on purpose because they want you to read in the cloud, or because they don’t have an easy way around the DRM, but even reading on a PC is not easy. I don’t think Google books is going to go anywhere any time soon. The things that made ebooks take off — convenience and speed– are missing once you leave the cloud.

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