Mirasol screen delayed – again

I had a brief talk with a Qualcomm rep today, and as usual the most common response was "no comment". The talk was brief because the rep maintained the company line. You know that Pocketbook are working on a Mirsol ereader, right? Well, no. Not according to Qualcomm. They never said that so they refuse to admit it to be true.

I understand that they have to maintain the company line, but I still find it extremely irritating to here someone deny basic facts like who did what at CES, what information has been leaked, etc. It's their job, yes, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I can't give you any solid new info besides confirmation that Mirasol should hit the market in Q2 of this year, but here's something interesting.

Update: Actually, I do have something new I went digging through my old posts and it turns out that the Mirasol screen was supposed to his the retail market last month.  So the new release date of Q2 is actually a second delay. This screen was also supposed to be on the market in Q4 2010 and Q1 2011.

Mirasol screen delayed - again e-Reading Hardware
That is an engineering sample for a 4.1" screen (227ppi, or 800x480 resolution). Qualcomm are trying to get the attention of smartphone makers. I find this delightfully amusing; the Amazon Blaze April Fool's Day Joke just got slightly more plausible.

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7 Comments on Mirasol screen delayed – again

  1. How does it look in person? Any improvement in vibrancy and color saturation?

  2. I’m not sure what your’e saying. We all know Qualcomm can’t comment on what one of it’s clients (Pocketbook) may or may not be working on. How can you “confirm” a Q2 mirasol product release? This is getting very frustrating and we’re no closer to a product announcement. I sincerely wish it were otherwise.

  3. Every time I see a Mirasol article I’m reminded of the SED Saga: nice trade shoe demos, wholehearted commitment from Canon and Toshiba and a release data always two quarters away.
    Just because the technology is good doesn’t mean the economics will fly.
    Simple question: at what retail price would Mirasol launch?
    Put a realistic price on those prototypes and stalking horses and watch the interest evaporate.

  4. damn, i want it. wtf they’re waiting for? couple of months more and i’ll be paying for kindle – thanks gods it a bit more than a myth

  5. OMG this is like cold fusion!!!!
    It never came on sale!
    BTW look up “focardi rossi” on google 🙂

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