Entourage forced me to register my Pocket Edge, and other irritations

The Entourage Pocket Edge has been on sale this past week on Amazon for half off, and I can never resist a sale. So I bought one.

This is Entourage’s second, smaller dual screen netbook with 6″ E-ink screen and a 7″ LCd screen. It’s a lot smaller and light than the original and yet still packs all the same neat features.

My unit arrived last night,and I immediately opened it and started setting it up. The gadget is very pretty, but the process is irritating.

The last step in the setup process is the one where Entourage forces you to agree to the EULA. I hate that. It’s presence is the sign of an incompetent and paranoid attorney. There is very little chance that it can be enforced in a court of law, and yet some idiots still stick it in. Plus, they’re forcing me to sign an agreement to use something I already own? Fuck that.

Entourage also forced me to register the Pocket Edge, which was entirely unnecessary. This was only the second device I’ve registered with Adobe in the entire time that I’ve owned ereaders. I have, in fact, 5 ereaders in my office right now that I have never registered. It’s not necessary.

See, I avoid registration not because of anything Adobe have done but because past DRM systems have screwed it up. It’s a lot safer to simply strip the DRM from an ebook; that way you don’t have to worry about the DRM breaking, not even accidentally. But there’s also the fact that Adobe Adept has a device limit of 6 devices (computers and ereaders), which means I would have run out of licenses back in 2009.

P. S. I’m goign to be sending my standard letter to Entourage on Monday. It’s the usual statement that after due consideration, I’m withdrawing from the contract and that their lack of a response will be taken as an agreement that the contract is void. I’ve never had to make use of this letter in a lawsuit, but I’m rather looking forward to the first time I do.

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  1. Ellen Hage16 April, 2011

    I got mine on Thursday. I thought that it had been updated to Android 2.1. Mine is at 1.6 and I was wondering is that something I have to find and then update myself? I understand it is beta, but I am will to try it out.
    I am also curious about how you plan to use yours. For the first time, I am am completely stumped on the intended use of this device.
    I am impressed that the device operates smoothly and rather quickly.
    So Nate, help me find an use for this! 🙂

  2. Tyler16 April, 2011

    Adobe will let you add more devices than six (though I was thinking it was five). I have had mine reset numerous times. I have probably 15 devices that work with Adobe DRM and have never had a DRM issue like you describe above.

    I am not posting this to be preachy but just informative. I understand both sides of the argument.

    1. Nate the great16 April, 2011

      I check the Adept FAQ and it said 6.

      1. Tyler19 April, 2011

        The FAQ might say that but since I have contacted them numerous times, I have had it reset. I have both emailed about it and chatted with an online support rep through their website.

      2. charlie dulin20 September, 2011

        whenever i reach the limit i just submit a webcase and ask them to rest it. i explain im a retailer testing new units or firmwares all the time and they just fix it up . the last time they must have raised it past 6 because im sure ive had more than 6 new devices since then

  3. Tyler19 April, 2011

    By the way, when you send your letter to them, you need to send it with certified mail with a request for a signature return receipt. Otherwise they can say they never received it.

  4. gayle13 June, 2011

    i just recieved my entourage pocket edge , and have i already spent over two hours just trying to register it!! i am really irritated to say the least. its telling me i have to register with abobe i did that and its coming up with a code 9 has anyone else had this problem? and if so can you please tell me how to correct this? UUURRRRR!!!!!

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 June, 2011

      First try setting up an Adobe account elsewhere and egister the Edge wit that.

      I can’t find that code anywhere on Adobe’s support sites, so I’m going to have to send you here:

      That’s Adobe’s support contact info. be sure to tell them that thecompany who made the device no longer supports it.

    2. Patti18 September, 2011

      I just got my pocket edge and I cannot get past the registration page. First it was error code 80 then error 9. Any ideas will be appreciated!!!!

    3. Jean20 September, 2011

      I just got one and I can’t get past the registration page. It gives me a Code 80 error which I don’t know what that means.

      Anyone???????? HELP!!!!!

      1. Nate Hoffelder20 September, 2011

        I already answered the question, I thought.

        Read this:

  5. betty22 September, 2011

    I tried that suggestion and nothing. Same page still asking me to press on logo. Nothing happened

  6. Beth25 September, 2011

    Hi folks – you can’t register because Entourage went out of business but all is not lost!

    1. you can bypass the register part – go to youtube and look for Entourage Pocket Edge – lots of videos, and one shows how you use the stylus to touch the blue screen first in top LEFT corner, then each corner (in the blue, not white part of the screen) and you must go COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

    2. You can upgrade your PE (pocket edge) without being a techie guru thanks to a wonderful Techie with the name ‘thereisno spoon’. He’s posted it on the web.

    Here’s his link-http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1733931&postcount=10

    I chose the Modified Ermine near the bottom of the screen, and had his “Installation Instructions for the Ermine Update” up on my PC while I sat there with my litte edge.

    I just did it and it worked like a box of Lucky Charms!
    I sent him an e-mail to personally thank him!

  7. Andrys25 September, 2011

    I second Nate and Beth’s links.

    SOME people have not been able to break out of the Code 80 loop by watching the youtube video. There’s a static-image page that can help in those cases (I see that some here haven’t got theirs working yet).

    I posted this to the Amazon Kindle forums yesterday for other Woot!ers.
    Mobileread has great advice on it and led me to a couple of other places besides, and I was able to get out of that Code80 loop.

    See this screen:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5912098620/in/photostream

    Use the stylus to touch those 4 corners exactly where they say and it’ll break you out of the loop:

    Also, a simple update file was needed before the Pocket Edge would connect to my WiFi router. And it does a couple of other fixes and is good for stability. You can get it at

    That file at the top should be downloaded and renamed from the long-name given at the top: –} The “PocketEdge updates by Mark Rehorst.zip” file is the one.

    It needs to be *renamed* to “update.zip” after you download it.

    After I renamed it to ‘update.zip’ I put it on a USB stick and put the USB stick on the *turned-OFF* Pocket Edge and went through the holding of the menu and rotate buttons *together* WHILE turning the unit on and then letting go after 10 seconds.

    Then you leave it alone while it updates itself. You can also use a microSD card to do this, but my $10 PNY USB 8gig stick worked fine. Staples sells them.

    I did later update to Ermine .09 w/o modifications to see how stable that would be and it is. I’m pretty happy with it as it is but may try the modified ones later. Do love the slideme.org apps store and for youtube the amazing FREEdi that gives full screen smooth video. But some others have had alerts that it may contain something malicious. I’ve used it about 10 times and nothing’s happened to my Pocket Edge. I have more fun with that unit, and love having the secondary items on the LCD screen when needed while reading the text on the e-Ink screen.

    Can’t believe it has USB, micro USB, micro SD and a webcam on that little thing. Best $79 I ever spent.

    – Andrys

  8. sharon15 October, 2011

    Ok help me someone I got mine yesterday and this set up is killing me when I put in my info for adobe it keeps saying network connection error code 9….plz email me if u know what this means at [email protected] thanks 🙂

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