Augen’s 10″ Android netbook is worth hacking

My Genbook 108 arrived today and I'm impressed. It is running on an 800MHz CPU and is fairly speedy. Video is great and the screen is almost iPad quality. It even shipped with 8GB Flash, not 2.

There are a number of problems with it, but I really think that this is worth hacking. It has the potential to be a decent Android netbook. Has it been hacked, does anyone know?

This is beyond my technical skills, so I'm hoping a hacker will be interested in working on it. I found evidence over at XDA Forums that it has already been rooted, and that a set of official recovery images is floating around.  That should get you started, right?

If you think you might want one then you can find it on Newegg. It's not for the average user; the current firmware is still clunky.

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8 Comments on Augen’s 10″ Android netbook is worth hacking

  1. I’m interested: what do you intend to do with this? I have an x86 netbook for embedded development and I kinda need Windows *and* Linux on it to host all of the various tools I use. An ARM netbook would be useless to me, especially running Android.

    Also, do you know anything about whether the mythical Augen Espresso tablets might materialise?

  2. Has anyone rooted and installed an after market ROM on this yet? If not this will continue to collect dust in my electronics junk pile… Factory android install make this otherwise promising piece of hardware WORTHLESS! you could sell this for $10 and it would still be to much.

  3. These are easily rooted with z4root. Havent tried different roms yet, but with some tweaks and alternative markets (apktor, amazon market, etc) this thing isnt that bad (other than the trackpad). Even got youtube working simply by installing the youtube.apk. I see alot of bad reviews on these but those are all from lazy people who cant seem to use google. For under $100 i’m happy with it.

  4. Has anyone upgraded the flash rom to Android 2.2 or 3.0? How about meego, which is listed as working on arm processors? how do you back up the 2.1 install so you don’t brick the device trying to hack it?

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