Dick Tracy, eat your heart out

Dick Tracy, eat your heart out e-Reading Hardware The Human Media Lab at Queens University, Canada, has been working on a new concept device built around a flexible 3.7" E-ink screen (I showed you a prototype yesterday).

The Snaplet has both a touchscreen and bend sensors. It can play video, music, and act as a phone. There's also a second video showing some of the technical details; both are after the break.


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  1. curiosity killed the.. // 5 May, 2011 at 1:13 am // Reply

    bend gestures seem completely counter intuitive to just basic touch screen usage. what could possibly be simpler than touching the button you want to use or swiping/holding down a scroll bar for moving through a long screen.
    also who would want to walk around with a huge 5 inch screen attached to their arm? it works vaguely in the movies but unless they are just working their way down to a wristwatch sized screen it just seem silly for wearing.
    i however like the idea of eink paper that could 1 day display text from webpages/from the computer to a bluetooth device and be read like a real newspaper that would be interesting lol in fact back in college i did exactly that in a composting fx class i had a digital newspaper on a roll out scroll was fun to produce the effect from basicly holding up a paper towel roll and a pen.

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