Dick Tracy, eat your heart out

The Human Media Lab at Queens University, Canada, has been working on a new concept device built around a flexible 3.7″ E-ink screen (I showed you a prototype yesterday).

The Snaplet has both a touchscreen and bend sensors. It can play video, music, and act as a phone. There’s also a second video showing some of the technical details; both are after the break.


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  1. curiosity killed the..5 May, 2011

    bend gestures seem completely counter intuitive to just basic touch screen usage. what could possibly be simpler than touching the button you want to use or swiping/holding down a scroll bar for moving through a long screen.
    also who would want to walk around with a huge 5 inch screen attached to their arm? it works vaguely in the movies but unless they are just working their way down to a wristwatch sized screen it just seem silly for wearing.
    i however like the idea of eink paper that could 1 day display text from webpages/from the computer to a bluetooth device and be read like a real newspaper that would be interesting lol in fact back in college i did exactly that in a composting fx class i had a digital newspaper on a roll out scroll was fun to produce the effect from basicly holding up a paper towel roll and a pen.

  2. […] the past five years they've shown us the Snaplet, a smartwatch with a flexible 3.7" screen; the PaperTab, a multi-screen interface based on 10.7" […]


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