The Fnacbook is a bust

The French retailer Fnac launched their own ereader in November and things haven’t gone so well. The Fnacbook, the Edsel of ereaders, has sold just 14 thousand since it was launch last November.

But the numbers are actually worse than that. When I last reported on this ereader back in January, Fnac had announced that they had sold 12k. This means that they only sold around 2k units in the past 3 months. Ouch.

As I look at my last post, I see that i predicted that sales would not improve. Um, yeah. I got that one right.

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  1. Mike Cane4 May, 2011

    *snort* I wonder if the guy who said “12000 is not a bad figure for a starting market” last time will come back now to say 14,000 is better?

    See my previous Dubinsky quote. Anything below 50,000 in hardware is a F-L-O-P. She should damn well know, being an expert.

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 May, 2011

      The number could be bad. I have another source who says it should be 10x higher.

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