Pocketbook 360+ gets a stealth launch

Pocketbook 360+ gets a stealth launch e-Reading Hardware The latest ereader from Pocketbook has hit the market.

The Pocketbook 360+ is the new and improved version of Pocketbook's 5" ereader. It features a faster CPU, and it has Wifi, a microSD card slot, 2GB Flash storage, and a g-sensor. Unfortunately, it's keeping the same Vizplex screen as before.  This puts it at a competitive disadvantage here in the US where the Kindle costs $10 less.

This ereader first went through the FCC back in December, and you might recall that it starred in a video from about a month ago. Someone played Doom 2 on it. (The video is after the break.)

Speaking of the FCC, all the documents from the December filing have been released. The internal 2GB Flash is actually a microSD card.You could open the ereader and swap out it out for a higher capacity card if you like.

It's selling for $149.

via Pocketbook

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  1. The screen is an updated 16-grayscale Vizplex. The original had a 4-gray screen and did 16 shades in software.
    And comparing it to K3 is a bit of a reach, since the 360 is roughly half the size of a Kindle; the more likely cross-shop would be the Sony 350 which has touchscren and pearl but lesser software, no included cover, and no wireless.
    The PB360s are really playing a different game all their own based on their extreme portability and flexibility, with no less than 5 different reader apps to choose from, for epub alone, as well as several dozen games and education apps. And there has been talk of OPDS support for the WiFi version so there is value in those readers beyond the obvious me too features of readers from other hardware-only vendors.
    Its a niche product aimed at people who appreciate its virtues and aren’t hung up on its weaknesses. If it weren’t, then they really would have to compete on price…a losing game in a business with Kindle and Nook at the top, no?

    BTW, the original wifi-less PB360 is still on the market for $129.

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