The Readius eReader Lives!

The Readius eReader Lives! e-Reading Hardware A novel ereader, long thought dead, has risen from the grave.

Polymer Vision, a Philips spin-off, unveiled the Readius back in 2008 (at right). This was a truly unique  device with a 5" folding E-ink screen. Unfortunately the company lost their funding in 2009 when one of the main investors got caught up in a Ponzi scheme.

The Readius showed up in a couple places in 2008, including MWC 2008, before the company died.

Polymer Vision was bought out of bankruptcy by Wistron, and they continued to develop the screen. Of course, by the time Wistron bought PV the original design was out of date. So the PV team started working on a new design with a better screen.

I've been getting "we're not dead yet" updates for 18 months now, and I can finally show you the new design.

Below is the artist rendition of the new Polymer Vision Readius. There's no word yet on when it will be released, but at least we know it's still under development. Notice that it folds up into a cell phone and then expands into 2 different screen sizes.

The Readius eReader Lives! e-Reading Hardware


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  1. “I’m not dead yet.” “Yes, you are. Shut up.”

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