Samsung Galaxy Tab – $199 from ATT

Samsung Galaxy Tab - $199 from ATT e-Reading Hardware ATT are selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab for only $199. The deal's only good for this weekend, so think quick.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7" Android tablet running v2.2 on a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird CPU with a 1.3MP camera, 16GB Flash, Bluetooth, Wifi. This is the tablet with the high res screen everyone's talking about (same as on the NookColor).

Note that this is the one with both Wifi and 3G, and you're required to select a data plan (you can cancel it &  you won't be charged for it right away). I've just worked my way through the checkout process and I can confirm that it is indeed selling for $199. You'll have to pay sales tax.

I'm going to avoid it. I'm sure it's solidly built, but this refurb only comes with a 90 day warranty. It's not enough for me.

But if you've been thinking about getting the Wifi only version then you might want to get this instead.  The Wifi only model has an older, less powerful CPU as well as a less capable Bluetooth chip. The 3G model is simply better hardware.

Update: It's already out of stock.


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3 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab – $199 from ATT

  1. Too bad about requiring a data plan. $199 is a good price if it wasn’t tethered. But $199 will probably be its unlocked and untethered price by year’s end anyway. And not many will care.

  2. Wow on that price if indeed you can cancel the plan.

    Thing that pisses me off, is to connect to a Win 7 computer I have to run an executable that is available from Samsungs site. I think it is packaged with other apps. Just give me the fucking driver in a separate file please. It reduces the portability of the device if I have to install this package on every computer I want to connect to.

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