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Augen The Book e-reader is still on the market

Augen announced this ugly little Kindle clone back in August 2010, and cancelled it sometime in late 2010. But it’s not dead yet.

One of my readers has tipped me to a website that’s selling the OEM version. What I mean is that Augen don’t want to carry it anymore, but the Chinese company that actually designed and produced it are still selling it. Aside form a few different lavels, it’s the same ereader: case, hardware, and even the retail box.

The The Book was made by HiVision, and you can buy it on DealExtreme for under $100. I’m not suggesting you get it; it never was all that great of an ereader.

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kurt 31 May, 2011 um 11:46 am

i shudder at the thought of anyone buying this

though when it worked (rarely) it was a great minimal glare lcd reader

Tyler 31 May, 2011 um 1:01 pm

I have seen this again at Kmart just recently. It had been sold out there.

Jack 2 June, 2011 um 8:14 pm

My family has four of them and we really enjoy them! The web browser works better than the Kindle and they provide better reading quality in low light conditions and don’t need a book light. You can put your books and music on an SD card and share them with your friends multiple times and not just once like on the kindle!

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Bob 6 July, 2011 um 2:54 pm

This is the only reader i have actually kept, (i returned the kindle and the sony within 2 days).
Whats even better is that i only paid $60 at manards.

Pat 2 September, 2012 um 10:06 pm

Can someone tell me were I can order books for the book by augen

Sherry 25 November, 2012 um 1:53 pm

Pat, try, I get the EPUB formatted books, save them to a file on my computer and then when I’m ready to load them to The Book I just connect by USB and go from there. I’ve had mine for a couple yrs now and it’s still going strong!

Charlie 25 March, 2013 um 9:29 am

Does anyone know the reason why my "The Book" by Augen isn’t charging?

richard.mbanda 25 May, 2015 um 10:27 am

just insert a pin behind the reset hole.

richard.mbanda 25 May, 2015 um 9:18 am

where can i get apps that can run on augen? applications

Nate Hoffelder 25 May, 2015 um 9:59 am

Do you mean apps for the ebook reader? You can’t get them without developing your own.

richard.mbanda 25 May, 2015 um 10:19 am

i mean stuff like games, media players, video players, themes… or your simply saying the gadget is meant for reading…

Nate Hoffelder 25 May, 2015 um 10:30 am

The ereader mentioned in the above post doesn’t have any apps or themes, sorry.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I think it may come with a web browser and media player installed, but I’m not sure about that. And I can’t tell you how to install additional apps.

Sorry, but it is just an ereader.

richard.mbanda 25 May, 2015 um 10:34 am


velma gayden 18 July, 2015 um 11:08 pm

Looking for a replacement battery for my augen reader. Can you help me find one?

Nate Hoffelder 18 July, 2015 um 11:47 pm

Not without opening it up.

And honestly, it might be cheaper to look for a replacement device.

velma gayden 20 November, 2015 um 9:39 pm

I really liked the augen dreaded, Was shocked at how the battery exploded when the reader was not being used. I would like to replace the battery or buy another reader.

velma gayden 28 November, 2015 um 9:44 pm

Would very much like to find a battery that will work in my 7″ reader. I would like to find a universal battery that will fit a 7″ reader.

pat 18 April, 2016 um 8:33 am

what can I do to charge my Augen? it is not charging

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