Ricoh unveiled the eQuill e-reader yesterday

Ricoh unveiled the eQuill e-reader yesterday e-Reading Hardware

Ricoh announced an ereader yesterday, but not much information floating around. The website is up not up yet and I cannot find any any source docs, but  I can confirm that Ricoh have a trademark for this gadget. I've also gotten a hint that Ricoh are showing it off right now at the All Things Digital conference.

The eQuill is based on a 9.7" E-ink  screen and it has a stylus, Wifi, 5MP camera, mike, optional keyboard, and it also is supposed to have a 1" LCD screen for the camera. It weighs under around a pound and is targeted for the enterprise market.

It's going to ship in the US  in the next few months with a  price starting at US$500.

Update: It's on display at the All Things Digital conference this week, which is where the All Things Digital shot this video:

Fast little bugger, isn't it?

via Le Monde Informatique

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4 Comments on Ricoh unveiled the eQuill e-reader yesterday

  1. Good catch. I can’t find any word of that in my usual sources.

  2. That is fast. So Ricoh is entering when Asus seems to be dithering with its Eee Note? The world gets more confusing every damn day!

    • One difference is Ricoh makes corporate document management systems that can benefit from a dedicated mobile client.

      If you look at the upper right hand corner of the pic, the dark rectangle looks like it might be a fingerprint reader, which would make sense if we’re looking at a corporate reader instead of a consumer reader. And the document onscreen in the pic suggests form-filling is one intended use for this reader.

      I suspect this will be sold solely by VARs as part of bundled turnkey systems.

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