DC Comics: Reboot Places Them At Apple’s Mercy

The news was all over the Internet Monday. DC is revamping most of their comics and wiping their numbering slate clean, starting most of their books with an “Issue #1? stamp.

This is the best post I’ve seen about why:

DC Comics Number One Stunna: The Ballsiest Move of the Decade

Make no mistake, this entire endeavor is focused on the digital market. DC isn’t dumb. They know print is dying. They know they have no chance at beating Marvel in the print market, as years and years of examples have proven. Rejuvenating the characters (literally) and providing a fresh start all across the line isn’t about a quick sales bump in the direct market; it isn’t about the direct market at all. It’s so that people logging into comiXology to check out these digital DC comics they’ve heard about don’t see an issue number in the 900s after Action Comics and throw up their hands.

Emphasis in the original.

And this is just not good:

With all the hubbub around Apple’s digital distribution in-store purchase requirements, not to mention their infamous morality police, DC is placing their future in the hands of a notoriously difficult partner.

Indeed, they’ll have essentially supplanted the Jell-O hand of the Comics Code Authority with the actual iron hand of Apple’s content restrictions. One of the theoretical benefits of digital distribution should be decreasing overhead time; by working through Apple, they’re just going to make things worse.

Emphasis in the original.

So DC Comics will be muttering “Do you think Apple will allow that?” in their editorial meetings soon.

A travesty.


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  1. Mike Cane2 June, 2011

    Of course you bloody have permission. You don’t even have to mention that.


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