Kobo eReader on Sale at Borders – $60

Kobo eReader on Sale at Borders - $60 e-Reading Hardware Borders have the original Kobo eReader on sale right now for $59.99 and the sale ends on June 13th.

The Kobo eReader is based on a 6" E-ink screen, and it has 1GB Flash Storage, a SD card slot, and it supports Adobe DE DRM.

Note that this is the original Kobo eReader, not the Kobo Wifi or the Kobo Touch. You can buy and read the same eBooks from the Kobo Store, but you'll need a computer so you can transfer the eBooks to the eReader.

This is actually a pretty good deal. I don't care for the design, but at this price, who cares.


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  1. The price was amazing and I tried to buy one. I filled all the blank spaces (name, adress, country, etc) without any problem till the last section: the payment. When I made the payment I received one error about shipping to my address (in Spain) was not possible. I thought maybe this a fail because I could choose my country and I didn´t receive any advise about not possible shipping at that moment. I tried again but the same issue with the payment.

    But surprise! I was checking my bank account when I saw two payments to Borders (curiosly two Kobo eReaders!!!). How is it possible? I couldn’t finish my order and I didn’t receive order number in my email. I sent an email and they didn’t respond. I see, Borders needs money and they are robbing it!!!

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