Say hello to my iPad’s little friend

About a week ago I ordered a 3 pack of styluses for my iPad, and they arrived today. I know it’s a little odd to get a stylus for a fingertip friendly screen, but my experiences with the autograph systems at BEA have shown me that there are times I’m going to want one.

I got mine off Amazon for under $2. They’re cheap junk, but that works for me. I will almost certainly lose them.My one regret is that they’re not longer. An extra inch or 2 would have been nice. If you look closely at the photo you’ll see the red stylus attached to a strap. That’s where I’m planning to store the stylus.

I know there are hardly any apps that would make a stylus worthwhile, but I’m hoping that will change.


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  1. k1tsun314 June, 2011

    I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad and I’m curious how well styluses (styli?) work with some of the drawing apps; do you have any of those and have you tried them out with a stylus? Autodesk Sketchbook was the one I was most interested in.

    1. Nate Hoffelder14 June, 2011

      I’ve gotten pretty good with a couple of the autograph apps, but I haven’t tried the sketch pad apps. I’m downloading the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook now.

      Edit: After playing with it for a few minutes, it seems to work rather well. I’m certainly more capable with a stylus than my finger.

      1. k1tsun314 June, 2011

        Thanks for trying it out and letting me know!

  2. […] a finer degree of control than I’m used to using on the iPad. Apps like this are why I got a stylus for my iPad. I don’t know anyone else who has one but I also knew it was a good […]

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