US ebook sales continue to plateau in April while print sales drop

The AAP released their sales figures for April 2011 and the is quite fascinating. The AAP’s member publishers reported that ebook sales for April totaled $72.8 million, and hat’s  up a smidgen from March 2011 ($69.9 million) but still down from February ($90.3 million). Print was down in most categories but 20% or more, which makes the  ebook figures impressive.

I continue to track and plot the sales figures, and so far it looks like my prediction about a Christmas-related bump and a series of plateaus is staying true.

BTW, I expect another bump in sales in the June figures (or possibly July). Both B&N and Kobo announced a new ebook reader at the end of May, and I suspect that the market growth is largely driven by product launches.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Chris23 June, 2011

    It might not be related, but earlier this week Konrath announced that his June sales have dropped compared to May. The context for his post is that he’s been contacted by other authors who say their sales have dropped, although clearly this is all anecdotal for now (though of course he’s already calling it a trend).

  2. Mike Cane23 June, 2011

    It’s summer. People want to be outside and have fun after this miserable, long winter. Sales will go up as people huddle indoors and the days become shorter and colder again.

  3. Jon Jermey23 June, 2011

    Three percent in a month is more than a smidgen. I wish my investments were going up that much.


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