The iPad is 89% of tablet web traffic (this is why Onswipe only supported the iPad)

A few days ago, Onswipe launched a new tablet publishing service. The new service is designed to help blogger and other website operators offer an app-like experience for tablets with minimal work on the part of the publisher.

I don’t really like the service just yet, and I said so in my review. But I also had a bigger problem with Onswipe, but I hadn’t posted on it yet.

My complaint is that the only device supported by Onswipe is the iPad. I don’t feel that you can claim to support tablet publishing without actually supporting tablets. Unfortunately for me, it looks like I was wrong.

I have a post dissecting Onswipe’s decision (you’ll never see it), but my arguments and debate were trumped by market data released yesterday byComScore. This is a tracking service company, and they also analyze and sell the data.

For yesterday’s press release comScore pulled together data from 13 countries on mobile devices using the internet. You can’t rely on the data completely (it’s not hard to fake your browser signature), but it does show some rather interesting details.

The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device in all countries being tracked, and it contributes more than 89% of tablet traffic. This is why Onswipe only supported the iPad, and it trumps my complaint about not supporting other tablets. It’s like a I complained that there’s only a Windows version of an app, but no OSX version.

Do you know all the tech bloggers who regard the tablet market as being the iPad and only the iPad? Look at the data i linked to above and you’ll see that they’re not wrong.

image by Mike McCaffrey


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  1. Jason L. Baptiste24 June, 2011

    hey Nate,

    It’s what made us push off supporting other tablets, but we’ve been working on them. It was about providing a great experience to the most widely used audience. Even though it’s a small percentage we still plan on supporting Android soon.

  2. James24 June, 2011

    I wonder if it occurred to anyone that one of the reasons iPads have more data traffic is because the browser doesn’t cache much of anything. So each time a site is visited it loads from scratch.

    Things like that tend to dramatically increase data usage over time and really can lop-side any polling results.

    Never mind Android still wins out on Smart Phone traffic and many people use their phones to tether their tablets.

    While timing is another factor as many of the major brand Android tablets are still coming out and have yet to have an effect on Apple’s market share.

    Regardless, companies should also consider which type of users will most likely use their apps. Betting on the larger share of the market doesn’t ensure you’ll get to as many of your target consumers.

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 June, 2011

      I didn’t know that, no.


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