An iPad stylus for lovers of fat markers (video)

There's a new iPad coming soon which breaks the mold. Unlike most thin pen style styluses, the Scribbly was designed with a fat marker in mind. It's quite thick and it even comes with a cap. It's due out "soon", with a retail of £10.

An iPad stylus for lovers of fat markers (video) Uncategorized

What I find most interesting here isn't the stylus itself. I'm watching the rise of the iPad styluses in the tech blogs. There's more styluses lately, and they're gradually getting more attention. I think that says some interesting things about how people want to use their tablets.

A stylus is about as far as you can go away from the multi-touch gestures of an iPad screen without actually using a keyboard. It's a rejection of the new touch methods in favor of the tried and true usability of a pen.

The Scribbly Marker Pen iPad Stylus from Scribbly Stylus on Vimeo.

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  1. Looks kind of like the Cosmonaut, which we’ve pre-ordered:

    The dry-erase marker style isn’t a bad idea since, like the iPad, you’re trying not to touch the surface with your hand as you write.

  2. See, I’m not alone in wanting to be able to use a stylus! finger gestures is all fine and dandy, but some things are just best done with a stylus.

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