Angry Robot Books now offer an ebook subscription plan

Angry Robot Books now offer an ebook subscription plan eBookstore As celebration for making it to their second anniversary, the SF publisher Angry Robot announced today that they're now offering a yearly subscription plan for their ebooks.

For a measly 69 quid you can download and read all the titles that Angry Robot publish in the next year. That's 2 books a month for the next 12 months.

But if you don't want to subscribe, you can still buy the ebooks from their ebookstore. You will find them as reasonably priced DRM-free Epub.

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4 Comments on Angry Robot Books now offer an ebook subscription plan

  1. What’s a quid worth?

  2. Angry Robot’s much more a fantasy publisher than Sci-Fi. Of their current 38 titles, they classify 21 as fantasy and only 9 as sci-fi. The others are 4 steampunk and 4 horror titles.

    This is important, because the 24-title subscription costs a bit more than buying 15 of their e-books. If you’re at all picky about which variety of speculative fiction you like to read, you very well could do better just buying the e-books that you like.

    Of course, if you want to buy the subscription just to show support for Angry Robot, that works, too.

    As for what a quid’s worth: figure £3 = $5 (US or Canadian). That’ll get pretty darned close right now, especially after allowing for the likely 4% currency-exchange fee on your credit card.

  3. I have bought a few Angry Robot books including the recent Embedded by Dan Abnett from Kobo Books. Since they do not use the agency pricing, the books come out to be around $2-$3 each if you use the Kobo discount codes they always give out.

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