Free PDF: Riding the Bullet by Stephen King

Free PDF:  Riding the Bullet by Stephen King Freebies It was a long time ago, but there was a point where this title was the hot new trend-setting ebook. It was published on 2000, and when it was re;leased as  an ebook it caused an unbelievable amount  of hoopla.

According to Wikipedia this was Stephen King's debut ebook. It was downloaded over 400 thousand times in the first 24  hours. Initially it was offered for $2.50 by SoftLock and Simon & Schuster as the world's first mass-market, but Amazon and B&N gave it away for free. Right now it costs $4 at the Kindle Store.


Piotr of eBookFriendly found this PDF languishing on an abandoned Adobe server. It appears to have been uploaded in 2005, and there's no sign that anything happened since. You might want to get it quickly; I suspect Adobe will take it down once they learn that it's there.

Actually, you might want to avoid this PDF; I'm not sure it's legal. The folder it's in looks like it may have been used for personal content, not for public use. I'm really only sharing it because I find it funny that this server  has been sitting open to the public for the past 6 years.



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