Aldiko 2.0 now works on older Android firmwares

If you know anything about Aldiko, you know it's the best general purpose Epub app on Android, with support for DRMed Epub, lots of formatting options, and support for most ebookstores. But you probably also know that the latest version requires Android v2.1 at a minimum.

I've posted a copy of Aldiko 2.0 over on my Android app blog,  Appazonia. It's been tested and I know it works on Android v2.0 and v1.6.

I was hesitant to host a copy of the app, but then I learned that it was everywhere, including Aldiko's own support pages. And it's simply too useful not to share. I happened across this copy back in late December 2010. Aldiko 2.0 was just getting into the Android Market and I had been bugging Aldiko about letting me have a copy so i could try it. I ended up trying to install 4 different copies and this was the only one that worked. It was an early version of 2.0, and the rest were from later builds. They all required Android v2.1.



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  1. Is it worth upgrading to Aldiko 2.0 if you are happy with 1.2? I know the app was re-written, but functionality-wise are the only major new features the DRM and support for the commercial ebookstores?

  2. Hey Nate, do you still have a copy of this APK? Love to try it on a Cruz Reader I just picked up super cheap.

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